No Hoax, No Joke!! FOX Studios Confirms Deadpool Movie Will Be Rated, R!!

 "Fuck you, Slater." - Deadpool
“Fuck you, Slater.” – Deadpool

I still think it’s some kind of a double-crossing Deadpool gag but with what I just found out, I guess the gag was on me! I am reporting full confirmation that the new Deadpool movie will actually be in full rated-R glory!! Who loves chimichangas now!!

With word coming from CBR that they have indeed confirmed with FOX Studios the announcement made by Ryan Reynolds, Mario Lopez and Deadpool himself on TV during an interview with EXTRA. The gag was Reynolds was talking to Mario Lopez about how the Deadpool film franchise would be great to have an R rating. Just as Ryan was about to say the film was going to have to be PG-13……..the interview is suddenly interrupted by a Deadpool look-a-like. Then Reynolds’ voice over is heard saying, “April Fools’! ‘Deadpool’ will of course be rated-R.” So the original April Fools’ joke was that the film would be rated PG-13; that was the set up to the punch-line that the Deadpool film is “definitely” going to be rated-R not PG-13!!


For fans of anything Deadpool you know what this means!! Cussing, killing, cussing, sex, cussing, gruesome violence and maybe a bit of cussing also. Now the fine line has to be walked very lightly by Fox Studios and Reynolds not to over cartoon the character of Wade Wilson (Deadpool). If you over-gore the movie as well you end up with Punisher War-Zone but if you go too light than why even fight for the R rating. Just don’t do cussing and killing just to do it….it has to be done the Deadpool way.

From reporting I have done, and also an interview with Rob Liefeld that is yet to be published by me (on another site), this is what I know so far for Deadpool and Cable for movie information… I have read from reports that Deadpool will not only star in his own solo movie that we all know about, Deadpool will also KICKSTART a whole movie universe that will not only interact with the X-Men films but will also be a key part of all future story-lines even as close to Age of Apocalypse! Talking with Rob Liefeld, he has very high hopes, aspiration and almost in an inside joke manner hinting that Cable will also join Deadpool in the movie universe very soon. More on that when my interview gets published. For now enjoy all the Deadpool coverage we provide!

Ryan Reynolds shows off official Dealpool movie costume!

Firefly actress takes on role in Deadpool movie!

Morena Baccarin & T.J. Miller roles in Deadpool movie!

Photo of Ryan Reynolds on set as a acid-face Wade Wilson (Deadpool)


Video of Deadpool pulling the April Fools gag on Mario Lopez.

Directed by Tim Miller, “Deadpool” is scheduled for release on Feb. 12, 2016.

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