Orange is the New Black Returns June 12th

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Season three of Orange is the New Black will return to Netflix on June 12th.
There will be several changes to our favorite prison series.

At the end of last season, Litchfield was on lockdown because Vee had escaped through the greenhouse. We also saw an escaped Rosa run a van into Vee, leaving Vee lying on the side of the road, presumably dead. Almost everyone inside the prison was happy to see the backside of Vee, and would probably be delighted if they knew she was dead. Piper had also recently found out that her fiance Larry and former best friend Polly were starting a relationship.

Next season we can expect things to be stirred up with an influx of new cast.

Orange is the New BlackJason Biggs will not be returning so we can only assume that Piper drops Larry. However according to the actor, “They’re not focusing on Larry at the moment. Larry will not be in season three. But there’s always a possibility he can come back.” So maybe we will see him back in season four.

Veteran actress Mary Steenburgen has joined season three as the mother of Mendez aka Pornstache. As for actor Pablo Schreiber, who plays Mendez, we will be seeing less of him because the character has been imprisoned and the actor has been cast as a regular on HBO’s The Brink.

Alex, played by Laura Prepon, will be returning as a full-time cast member during season three which will make things interesting for Piper as Australian actress Ruby Rose has just been cast as a inmate and potential lover for Piper. We might have a very interesting love triangle in the works.

Rumors also have Mike Birbiglia joining the cast in an unknown role. Actors not returning to season 3 include Alysia Reiner and Diane “Ramos” Guerrero.