“Peanutize Me”! Become your very own Character from The Peanuts Movie with Character Creator!


In September of 2015, we originally ran this article. Recently we’ve noticed it trending and thought we would re-explore the experience.

The newest feature is a Snoopytizer, 

Ever find yourself spending more than an hour creating a character on Skyrim?  No?  Just me?  Well, a recently launched website has fans experiencing the fun and less daunting character creation to promote an upcoming movie, The Peanuts Movie.

“Creating your own Peanuts avatar is easy!  Choose your character’s gender, hair, clothes, accessories and more to make your very own Peanutized persona, then share it with the world.”

The Peanuts Movie promo site said it best.  Creating your own Peanuts avatar was easy for me.

Peanutize Me

Don’t be surprised when ALL your friends start looking like the Peanuts characters on Facebook.  The Peanuts Movie is now available on DVD or you can rent it on Amazon. 

Want to see how you would look in the Peanuts world?  Click here to get started!  Be sure to share with us on our Facebook page your peanuty self!

I had gone back into the site to ensure it still worked, and crated this avatar. I was fun selecting my character features and background. 

Even more fun, was that I found that there is also a Snoopytizer, where you can create Snoopy.