[Photos] See a Gingerbread House That Resembles The Burrow from ‘Harry Potter’!

It’s the holiday season, so that means families all over will be making traditional gingerbread houses to celebrate. But if you’re a fan of anything nerdy, you no doubt have to urge to make your gingerbread house reflect your love for your favorite fandom.

Such is the case over on Crafster, where user mezcraft shared her creation for a gingerbread house challenge. She chose to make her gingerbread house resemble The Burrow, also known as the Weasley’s home in Harry Potter.

True to its counterpart, this gingerbread house has a ramshackle air to it, showing how the extra levels were added on as the Weasley family grew. Mezcraft mentions that she didn’t just dive in head-first with gingerbread to construct it. She first built a model out of foamcore to map out how the house was laid out, and later used those pieces as a template for the gingerbread. She also used two different recipes for gingerbread, which resulted in two different colors of gingerbread.

The house’s shingles were made out of shredded wheat, which were sprayed with icing coloring and then had brown icing added for undershading.

Cinnamon sticks were used at supports, particularly to hold the weight of the upper levels.

Mezcraft comments that her favorite part (other than later getting to eat the house) was the sweaters hanging on the laundry line that she decided to add. She says, “I wanted to make something to reflect how much of an awesome D-I-Y-er Molly Weasley was by making all her kids monogrammed sweaters for Christmas. So each one of them is a like a wee tiny Gingerbread cookie. I also made little brooms but they are harder to see.” I have to admit, this was a great little detail to add – and I think it’s my favorite part as well!


What do you think of this gingerbread house? Does this make you want to a make gingerbread house for your favorite fandom? What would you make?

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