Plans Move Forward for Scarface

It has taken a few years but it looks like Universal Studios plans for a more modern Scarface are finally moving ahead.

It is being reported that there is a new writer on board. Jonathan Herman is a relatively new writer with only one script on his IMDB profile, Straight Outta Compton,which is due out in August. The new Scarface script has been bouncing around for a while; it was first written by David Ayer (The Fast and the Furious, Dark Blue, Suicide Squad,) then underwent major rewriting in 2012 by Paul Attanasio (Donnie Brasco, Homicide: Life on the Street.) There are hopes that Herman’s new film will be a success and that his experience on it will bring the gangster styling and mindset to the new film.

This will be the third remake of Scarface, each dealing with hot topics of their era. The original 1932 version was directed by Howard Hawks and was focused around bootlegging and a young violent gang member as he made his way up the ranks only to fail in the end.

The Brian De Palma directed version in 1983 moved up with the times and dealt with Cuban drug smuggling. We saw Al Pacino as a Cuban immigrant who managed to take over the drug cartel, only to fall thanks to his own greed.

It is believed that the new Scarface will once again advance with the times and deal with the Mexican drug cartels. Once again we can expect to watch a young man struggle on his rise through the ranks only to fall at the end due to his own ambition and greed.

No one is quite sure what makes this film so difficult to write, as it has a few basic elements that only need to be brought up with the times, but it seems to have been passed around frequently. Even without a completed script they do have Chilean director Pablo Larrain lined up. It seems that so far, there are a lot of lesser known names with little experience on this script, which makes me wonder if this new version of Scarface is just a pipe dream.

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