[Podcast] Serious TV Drama Podcast 193: Catching Up with DC’s Superheroes on The CW

It’s been a while for us, but the Serious TV Drama Podcast is back, talking about your favorite DC superhero shows! Scot and Dan finally return to the virtual podcast booth, and along with STVD All-Star Squad members Vicki & Jason, they discuss the current seasons of all four of DC’s CW Superhero TV series (SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, ARROW & LEGENDS OF TOMORROW). [Recorded 12/11/2017]

* Segment Breakdown

* 0:00:00 – 0:04:01  Intro

* 0:04:02 – 0:43:15  CRISIS ON EARTH-X Crossover

* 0:43:16 – 1:02:45  SUPERGIRL S3 so far

* 1:02:46 – 1:43:22  THE FLASH S4 so far

* 1:43:23 – 2:08:29  LEGENDS S3 so far

* 2:08:30 – 2:24:39  ARROW S6 so far

* 2:24:40 – 2:32:28  More DC CW Series Convo 

* 2:32:29 – 2:41:03  Wrapping It All Up

STVD website

What do you think of the CW superhero shows so far this year? Did you enjoy the crossover event? Which show do you think is having the best season so far? Let us know your thoughts!

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