PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: AfterShock Comics – SuperZero #1

(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

(A) Rafael de Latorre

(CA) Amanda Conner

Drusilla “Dru” Dragowski is her name, but Paladina is her superhero alter-ego, well, in her dreams that is.

Dru is a dreamer who sees the world very differently than most people. She has her own theories on how life and civilizations have come and gone in cycles, with the clues to figuring it all out being hidden in pieces everywhere in popular life. Dru believes strongly that the ones who really hold the key to it all, are the creative visionaries of comic book makers who were given that special ability to communicate with their creativity. Dru is a good person who only wants to do good in the world, it’s just that she has so much yet to learn.

Obviously Dru has seen way too much pop culture, but has such an extraordinarily brilliant imagination that has gotten her in so much trouble at the same time. She’s not well liked by the kids in school; she gets made fun of for wanting to be a super hero. But she has a plan to change her perfect life… too bad plans don’t always go as planned.


The characters talk like they all have superior knowledge of pop culture and I can follow along as many readers of like-mind will be able too as well. When characters talk about comic book references, they actually talk about other publishers characters freely, so it makes you feel like you’re talking to one of your fellow geek loving expert friend(s).

This is what I love and what I work in also, POP CULTURE, so SuperZero just tickles my pop-cult fancy over and over again. The way The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy love to do………..see what I did there? That’s exactly what SuperZero loves to do constantly, dropping not so subtle pop culture references.

I loved the Man of Steel movie reference and also a quick DC comics history on Sups and later Batman’s origins. I’ve never seen a comic book reference another company and issues so specifically. SuperZero is an up and down pop culture treat.

I even had to crack up at the “know-it-all Mark Waid,” jab tossed in for good measure.

The pictures of the artwork speak for themselves, just gorgeous panel after panel of beautiful eye candy. Enriched colors and shading make each page move along like an animation. I really like how they would tend to break up the layout design with a brightly contrast colored panel once in a while. Illustrated by artist Rafael de Latorre and colored by Marcelo Maiolo, you can’t help but eye-guzzle every eye-popping page.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Preview pages:

My final observation is, (warning: spoilers here) Palmiotti  and Conner give us a character with tons of potential here for young readers. Pop culture lovers will latch onto this book. The story and pacing was long and did take time to get through a bit of dialogue, but the art did add to that (because you have to admire every panel) and makes up for it at the same time. I like where the first issue is setting up the plot. Dru wants to re-create a superhero origin by mocking a fake Batman mugging, that ends up going wrong. I personally think Dru’s parents have some secrets of their own though. We’ll just have to see where the next few issues take us. I’m on board with SuperZero from AfterShock Comics, are you? Let us know what you think of SuperZero in the comments section.


Item Code: OCT151053

In Shops: 12/16/2015


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