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Alien Hand Syndrome #1 from Insane Comics takes us on a wild sci-fi, space adventure.  The anthropomorphic characters are led by Tofu, who finds himself in a precarious position.  Upon encountering an Reticulan craft, the crew’s captain makes a decision to ram their saucer into the enemy’s starship.  Though the collision was a success for the crew, it left their vessel depleted of necessary Elerium, a substance needed to be able to bend space and travel to their homeworld K’bbl.  The captain makes the call to land on a nearby planet to allow the ship to heal itself.  Doing so would require all on board to live in suspended animation during this process.

Each member on board is placed in hibernetic stasis chambers as the crew’s vessel lands on the nearby planet to begin its regeneration process.  The saucer phases through the rocky structure of a mountain and sets for its time of rest.


Fast forward 1000 years to Montauk, New York, a mysterious person infiltrates a former military base and eliminates the on-site security.  As this martial arts-trained individual works his way through the base, he encounters a Chupacabra, a man-made hybrid creation with alien genes.  Eliminating the threat, the infiltrator continues towards his goal… the Universal Translation Matrix.


In his attempt to procure the UTM, the intruder (named Jet) faces other beings preventing him from leaving the premises… with the UTM and/or alive.  Jet finds a worthy adversary in Twelback, one of the safety protocols put in place to safeguard theft.  Meanwhile Jet’s accomplices, Wheelie and Polaski, await his return from the abandoned outpost.  Curious as to Jet’s delay in meeting with his partners, Polaski takes it upon himself to enter the base and aid his cohort.  As he lands amidst the sinister Twelback, we see his partner Jet bloodied and a confident Twelback challenging Polaski.  Can Jet be saved? Does Polaski have what it takes to defeat Twelback and escape with the UTM?  Looks like we need to wait for issue two for the story to continue.

Creator Justin Cappello does a remarkable job in submersing the reader into this futuristic tale.  For a premiere issue, we are introduced to a number of characters with great potential and promising storylines.  The artwork is crisp and the story has you along for the thrilling ride.  Looking forward to issue two to see how the final encounter plays out and what Cappullo has in store for this adventure.  You can purchase a print or digital copy directly from Insane Comics!

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“Alien Hand Syndrome” is the story about a crew of anthropomorphic aliens escaping intergalactic war on their home world and landing on Earth in the past. They are awakened in the 21st century by an unlikely trio of twenty somethings that have yet to leave their mark on the world. Jet- an underachieving waiter, Wheelie- an IT tech, and Dr.Polaski- an engineer formerly employed by the US government and wanted for stealing a prototype suit of armor. The young humans are thrown into a world of government conspiracies, alien lore and unimaginable threats in “Alien Hand Syndrome”.

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