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In reading and reviewing American Bison #1 from Insane Comics, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  What I got was a fascinating story, an interesting time-period piece, and delightful artwork.  Set in the Utah Territory in 1853, the tale depicts a time of growth, expansion, the gold rush, and the struggling Native Americans holding on to their land.  The Arapaho tribe is seeing their food reserves deplete and the number of bison in the land has also diminished.

AB 1

Little Horn and young Nakos encounter a bison standing on his hind legs brutally attacking a member of the tribe.  This speaking beast manhandles Little Horn which infuriates Nakos.  He lunges at the creature to protect his brother but is flung a great distance away.

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The U.S. Army roll through the Utah Territory and stumble across a pair of crucified, eyeless bison and some Native Americans who had been decapitated or had limbs torn from their torso.  The looks of the deceased men was grisly but the Army did find one person alive at the scene… young Nakos.  In fear of a possible war with the natives, they set off to inform the Arapaho what they discovered.  The stunned child keeps repeating “Devil Bison” and both the Arapaho and the U.S. Army decide to align in their attempt to find this beast.

I don’t want to reveal much else to you. Just know that it becomes even more exciting when this anthropomorphic bison attacks.  This is one badass bison, folks!  There was an interesting statistic on the final page regarding the population of bison from the Bureau of Sports Fisheries and Wildlife (circa Jan. 1965):

AB 3

Creator, artist, and writer Steve Benton, along with writer Lou Frontier, deliver a captivating story filled with mystery and charming characters.  Their time-period piece garners historic merit.  What really stood out to me was Benton’s art style.  Sharp edges and bold colors accentuate the tale and give a feel for 1853.  As if that’s what that era should be drawn like at all times.  Very impressed with Benton’s art.

We hope you check out American Bison #1 from Insane Comics.  This looks like a series that can explore many great tales from within history and culture.  You can purchase a print or digital copy directly from Insane Comics here.

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars ***


From Insane Comics:

Something sinister is roaming the Great Plains of Colorado in 1853. The nearby US Army garrison fear it’s the local Arapaho tribe becoming unruly. The Native Americans believe the US Army is looking to complete the genocide it has started. Both groups discover it is something much worse.

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