PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – “Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman #3” From Action Lab

PopCultHQ continues its look at Action Lab Entertainment’s Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman with issue #3. Over the next couple of days, we will have for you our reviews of all four available books in this title. No worries. No real spoilers, but will certainly be sure to discuss the progression of this series and, by the looks of it, the countless ways this futuristic tale could go. Feel free to read our review of issue one and issue two.


PopCultHQ Review – Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman #3

Issue three’s tale, entitled “Thieves of Olympus Mons,” propels us further in our quest for The Heart of the Sun, but also brings the Earthman and Castor to a dark, haunting lair away from the arid desert surface. The Volcano Queen is our duo’s newest roadblock. There is a whole mess of stuff that’s pretty sweet about her, but alas I said I would keep it spoiler-free. Awesome character though.


Henaman’s story has progressed to a slightly dark, mystic, and at times cryptic (in a good way), habitat that will have the reader enthralled in the aspects of the Martian world, especially sci-fi fans. I simply keep wanting more. He delves deeper into this land divided by dark and light.

Bonvillain is on point for using appropriate colors to help define that division, especially the cool tones (blues, purples). Her usage of shading compliments the dark tones the story will tell. But at the same time, the warm tones and pastels of the surface creates an atmosphere of an arid, dried-up land.

Artist Andy Taylor continues to show growth in his range as he is creating fantastic new characters in this alien world. You almost get the feel he gets more excited with each next panel where he can really show his range.

I have to say, that each issue has gotten me increasingly enamored with this story and this team. Their synergy is apparent and will continue to garner them success and recognition for this title.

PopCultHQ Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

PCHQ 4.5

Bigfoot banner

Writer: Josh S. Henaman
Art: Andy Taylor
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

Official press release for Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman:

On October 20, 1967, a pair of hunters caught on film the image of a solitary creature in the wilds of Northern California. After a media firestorm, no credible evidence could prove the existence of this “Bigfoot” and for the next 40 years the sighting was largely deemed a hoax. On November 6th, 2007, the NASA rover, Spirit, photographed the same creature on a ridge just south of Grissom Hill. The location? Fourth planet from the sun: Mars. This winter… Action Lab discovers how he got there.

The dying planet needed a hero… what they got was a sasquatch.

Action Lab is proud to present: Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman, an epic six-issue mini-series involving the world-famous sasquatch and his quest to defeat the ruthless emperor of a barbarian planet. Equal parts Conan and Flash Gordon, the otherworldly saga is written by Josh S. Henaman with art by Andy Taylor (line art) and Tamra Bonvillain (colorist). Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman is not the story of how Bigfoot became a myth on Earth. It’s the story of how he became a legend of the stars.

Action Lab

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