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A new series from Insane Comics is out and we think you’ll be hooked!  PopCultHQ looks at the first issue of Calavera The Undead and brings you a review of this provocative tale written and drawn by Nevin Arnold.  Read on and prepare for the next series you’ll be adding to your pull list.


After falling off a building on November 2nd, 1989 (Day of the Dead), she awakens to find herself in a world with which she is not familiar.  Unbeknownst to her, it is 2015.  Thinking she is still in 1989, Calavera attempts to go home and regroup.  What she finds is someone else living in her apartment.  The scared tenant informs her of the year which baffles the woman with the Dia de los Muertos attire and face paint.  She struggles to identify the changes in the world since she last remembered.  Television appear futuristic to her.  Vehicles with CD players installed within them?  Crazy!  And why won’t her makeup come off?


Meanwhile, a couple of grave robbers, in an attempt to loot jewelry from corpses, uncover what appears to be a zombie epidemic.  Chaos engulfs the streets and the whole city is on watch.  What exactly is happening?


Calavera soon discovers that she is possessed by a consciousness with enhanced strength and agility caught in limbo.  This entity, which can communicate with her, is the reason she is undead rather than dead.  Its essence is what enables her to walk among the living.  In the hopes of finding its original body from which it was torn, the demon offers Calavera the opportunity to save the world.  With nothing else going for her, she takes him up on his offer.


We catch a brief glimpse of the shadowy Necromancer, the one behind the uprising of the undead.  As the zombies march towards the summoner, the dark figure prepares for the next phase in his mysterious plot.  Calavera arrives where the zombies have been led and gathered to which the Shadowmancer initiates phase two of his diabolical plans.


Within its premiere issue, Calavera The Undead conveys a compelling storyline, introduces unique and intriguing characters, and leaves the reader curious as to this possessed undead protagonist and the evil which she faces.  After reading this issue, I find myself yearning to know more of what is to transpire.  How long can Calavera survive as undead?  What secrets does the demon within her have yet to reveal?  What is the purpose and intention of the Necromancer?  Creator, artist, and writer Nevin Arnold delivers an exciting, and eye-appealing, story which will captivate readers and have them immerse into this potential annihilating event of epic proportions.

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars ***


Check out Calavera The Undead from Insane Comics on shelves now.  Also check them out at their website and the Calavera Facebook page.


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