PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: ‘Escape from Monster Island’ #5 from Zenescope

It’s that time again……time for another comic book preview courtesy of Zenescope.


This issue is written by Joe Tyler, drawn by Carlos Granda, colored by Jorge Cortes, and lettered by Fabio Amelia and is due to hit shelves on June 15th. Get yourself a copy!

First thing I see about the preview issue is the cover art is reminiscent of World of Warcraft meets S.H.I.E.L.D.

This issue is full of rich color and is an interesting story, even for those just picking it up.

escape from monster island1For decades the U.S. Government has covered up the existence of dozens of species of dangerous creatures that have been captured over the years. After building a small, secretive city on a remote island in the Pacific, these monsters were transported there to be studied.

In 2012, disaster struck and the island was evacuated.

Now the Queen rules and wants to step out to the world and expand her rule before the government blows up the island, but there is a problem… she wants the powerful Cyclops by her side.

escape from monster island2

The story is a twist of Beauty and the Beast and The Island of Dr. Moreau, only with a darker more modern twist.

Next month’s issue will be the conclusion of this interesting series.

escape from monster island

I love the color and the artwork, but this issue seems more like a filler…a way to get to the grand finale… rather than an intricate part of the story line so it only gets 3.5 stars.

PCHQ 3.5