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Finding Molly: An Adventure In Catsitting, a title from EMET Comics, an indie publisher created to inspire and empower female artists and creators, has released their second issue of this fun romp of a struggling art grad, forced to live at home with her parents and their favorite feline Pishi, while still searching to find her own in a difficult industry with which to break in.

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PopCultHQ Reviews Finding Molly: An Adventure In Catsitting #2 from EMET Comics…

Molly 2What makes this this title great is the obstacles, struggles, situations, and encounters have substance and are recognizable as true to life. These aren’t some off-the-wall, cartoony stories, rather one’s that help create a bond with the titular character and allow you to be involved in the story, and not just simply reading it. Molly faces real struggles a 23-year old would encounter when trying to determine your career and future but the answers aren’t there.

Molly has become so invested in cat-sitting that the meows of those cats have consumed her mind and her dreams. With the lack of response to her cat-sitting web comic, she begins to lose faith and becomes discouraged. More to come on this.

MaMolly gets a shock to her system when her mother informs her that her parents set her up on a blind date with some tech start-up fellow. Needless to say she is not thrilled about this arrangement. Reluctantly she meets up with Hunter Colby and right away you can tell this won’t end well. As a reflection on current times, we see Molly’s date consumed by his cellular phone and basically ignores her the entire evening. What makes things worse for her, is both Molly’s parents and Hunter’s parents decided to dine at the same restaurant to cheer them on. How embarrassing!

MbA real touching moment, or sequence of moments, involved Molly’s friend Mateo. He came to her aid during her nightmare blind date and later that evening shows he is her biggest supporter and encourages Molly to appreciate her art. By the looks of it, it appears as this may be the beginning of something between the two in the future.

Writer Justine Prado continues to delve deeper into the Molly character and reveal her strengths but also her weaknesses. It shows she’s vulnerable. I think that’s good to paint on Molly. I love Prado’s ability to incorporate humor (sometimes subtly) without making it corny. It’s everyday humor which we have likely heard in our everyday lives. That’s huge in developing a connection with the character.

Artist Jenn St-Onge continues to just bring it and deliver a sharp, fresh, now type of feel to Prado’s story. I feel the strong story and St-Onge’s style combine to create the whole package of just what/who is Finding Molly.

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

PCHQ 4.5

Finding Molly: An Adventure In Babysitting #2 synopsis:

Molly feels pathetic still living at home with her parents, and it’s the final straw when they set her up on a terrible blind date. Determined to get her act together, Molly gets serious about her web-comic, while cat-sitting three Beverly Hills kittens who are just as oblivious and helpless as she is.

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