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PopCultHQ’s spotlight on EMET Comics continues with the futuristic Helena Rose: An Intergalactic Fairytale.  The story follows Helena Rose, a young girl from a distant land suffering from an ailment whose cure would come at the cost of everything the family has.  Though young in age, Helena is forced to grow up quick and make adult decisions regarding her health and well-being.  Being afflicted with an illness which keeps her head confined within a glass helmet, Ms. Rose simply seeks a normal life where she could be healthy and smell the beauty of the world.

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E.O. Levendorf has written a beautifully, heartfelt tale with intriguing characters, especially Helena’s uncle Isaac.  I look forward to more development with him.  Levendorf also delivers a gentler twist on the sci-fi genre that could have wide appeal, especially for younger readers and those who are new to the medium.


Illustrator Sonia Liao and colorist Veronica Fish combine to create a light, wispy feel to the story.  Their use of soft pastels, such as lavender, fuschia, and pink, accentuate the floral embodiment of the citizens of Planet Flora.  The watercolor technique sets the ambiance for the tenderhearted tale of a terminally ill girl seeking a cure.


Premiere issues are always difficult in finding the right balance between initial background, character development, and story progression.  While Levendorf’s story is quite riveting and piques your curiosity as to the heroine’s life-altering choices, I wish there were more pages (I know there are limitations) to further describe the landscape of this realm. I feel the next issue will delve deeper into Helena’s story and her quest for a cure.  The inhabitants of Planet Flora all have flowers in place of their hearts (lilies, violets, wisterias, petunias, dahlias, etc.) and I am curious to learn more on how that impacts society or cultural barriers, if there are any.  This series truly has a lot of potential and can expand on so many levels. I highly anticipate the next issue to see how things develop.

PopCultHQ’s review rating for Helena Rose: An Intergalactic Fairytale is…

PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars ***

Official synopsis from EMET Comics:

Helena Rose – Issue 1

Writer: E.O. Levendorf
Artist: Sonia Liao
Colorist: Veronica Fish

An alien child prodigy must embark on an adventure through space to find a cure for her terminal illness.


You can purchase a digital or print copy of #1 online now!

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