PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: Jackpot #2 from AfterShock Comics

PopCultHQ received a preview copy of Jackpot #2 from AfterShock Comics. In stores today, the creative team for this new series features writing from Ray Fawkes, artist Marco Failla, colorist Stefani Rennee, and lettered by Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt. Be sure to see PopCultHQ’s review of Jackpot #1.

Here is PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of Jackpot #2

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: Jackpot #2

The Story So Far… Dominique Vasko leads what may well be the greatest team of con artists in the world. For years, they have been ripping off high-powered targets and getting away clean. But now they’ve attracted the attention of people playing on a whole other level – and things are getting weird… deadly weird…


The mysterious consortium is plotting an attempt to recruit Dominque, but only if she be deemed worthy. Though they admire her intelligence and analytical mind, they dangle the proverbial cheese, which is an extremely difficult calculus equation shrouded in mystery, to see how she processes and uses the information.

What seems like an easy heist winds up going all sorts of wrong. Initial plans are scrapped for a secondary backup. Josef, Tam, Dominique, and Forrest in an attempt at infiltration become trapped in a secured building with Felicia out front casing the joint.

It’s fun having a comic book series leave you guessing, evoking a determination on the reader’s behalf in attempting to dissect and solve the mysteries while anticipating the next issue. To have a series keep you wanting more, fill you with adrenaline as you move along with the characters fast pace and high energy, and make you feel as if you were a part of this caper, you have something pretty unique and dare I say magical on your hands.

Writer Ray Fawkes takes the action and excitement from issue one and keeps the pace flowing. He certainly has a remarkable and thrilling adventure with this cast of characters. Simply put, the writing is superb. His creative team partners, artist Marco Failla and colorist Stefani Rennee, give life and intensity to the title’s players and scenarios they find themselves in. Once again, this trio hit the Jackpot! on issue two with no signs of slowing down. By far, this is the only comic right now that makes me anxious for the next issue.

Jackpot crew

Receiving digital preview copies are great for me to write a review. Often, those preview copies contain the publisher’s watermark, which is completely understandable. Now that I have read and reviewed the first two issues of Jackpot!, and seen that the story and pace is flowing at such an exciting pace, I am going out to purchase print copies of issue 1 & 2 and adding Jackpot! to my pull list. This series should be in every collection!

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


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Available Covers for Jackpot #2:

Jackpot 2 cover


(W) Ray Fawkes (A) Marco Failla (CA) Brian Stelfreeze

Nothing is as it seems when the con artists of JACKPOT! are introduced to the hidden keys of the universe. But will any of them survive the mind-bending, reality-shattering result? Some of them are already starting to die…and return…
In Shops: 5/11/2016
SRP: $3.99
Pick up your copy of Jackpot! #2 at comic stores now or digitally at comiXology!

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