PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – “Romeo & Juliet and Guns” #1 From EMET Comics


RJG1PopCultHQ continues their spotlight on offerings from EMET Comics.  I just got the opportunity to read Romeo & Juliet and Guns #1.  This is quite an interesting take on a modern day Shakespeare tale.  The feudal grudge between two assassin families has raged on for years.  When a member from each faction make an attempt on the other’s life, something goes horribly amiss and the two enemies are sent plummeting down the shaft of a building.  Wounded and stranded for hours, both Jo Capulet and Roman Montoya put aside their differences and actually show compassion for one another.

Trapped for nearly 36 hours within the crumbling building, an attraction develops; an attraction for life and for one another.  What once was a certain impending death at the hands of an age-old rivalry, blossomed into a taboo desire.  Despite their upbringing and imposed hatred for the other’s family, the two foes  set asides their families squabbles and savor the moment.

RJG3Throughout this first issue, you can tell that writer Emily Dell is well-versed in Shakespearean lore.  Her up-to-date story of two individuals torn in their duty to their respective factions, and the bond which they develop, augments the Bard’s classic Romeo & Juliet.  For anyone who has ever had difficulty understanding and appreciating the artistry of William Shakespeare, Dell’s narrative will allow you to fully comprehend the playwright’s influence.

RJG4Mollie Helms and Ceci de la Cruz work together magnificently to capture the essence of Dell’s writing.  Their strategic use of panels to show vivid imagery of exuding passion between the two leads.  The artwork strongly gives prominence to a forbidden yearning risen out a violent history by the families.  You truly get the sense that Jo and Ramon, as much as they are attracted with one another, struggle with dishonoring their respective families all for the sake of love.

This series has a lot of potential and could see it develop and expand immensely.  When I initially ready it, I felt it was a possible four-star review. My second time through, and after writing this article, I am convinced that Romeo & Juliet and Guns is worthy of…

PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars ***

Here’s the official summary from EMET Comics for Romeo & Juliet and Guns:

Set in a modern Verona, the Montoyas and Capulets are warring assassin clans, serving contracts for Henry’s, Hamlets and MacBeths. When Jo Capulet and Roman Montoya are thrown together after a mission gone wrong, they see in each other a chance for a new life, even if it means destroying everyone in their path. 

EMET Comics Rating: TEEN +16 – Some material may be inappropriate for teenagers under the age of sixteen. Subject matter may have violence, profanity, and scenes of concealed or implied sexual content.

We recommend that parents read our comics before buying them for their children.

You can purchase the digital or print copy of issue #1 from EMET Comics on Shopify.


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