PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – “Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat” #1 From Project-Nerd Publishing

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review today features Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat #1 by Andrez Bergen and Project-Nerd Publishing. When I heard of an opportunity to review this new series by Bergen, I jumped at the chance. I had recently wrote up a review on another one of his creations, Magpie #1. For his new offering, Andrez partnered with relative newcomer to the indie scene, Project-Nerd Publishing, and it seems like the perfect fit for both!

Our Manager of Acquisition and PR Guru, Galo Gutierrez, had previously turned us on to Andrez Bergen’s work,” stated Iggy Michniacki, Founder & CEO of Project-Nerd. “Now that we have positioned ourselves to publish works, we are excited to be able to partner with Andrez and get this great title, as well as others, a further reach especially here in the states.”

TSMG coverbBergen expressed his side and emphasized something that PNP gives him that can often be more valuable than money… creative freedom,

As a journalist, I’ve had an eye on Project-Nerd’s wide-ranging activities over the past year or so — and as a comic book creator I’m absolutely chuffed to be running with two of my own titles through their new publishing imprint,” added Bergen. “Not only are Iggy and the crew supportive and encouraging, but they’ve allowed the optimum amount of creative freedom to move.”

PopCultHQ’s Review: 

Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat (based on his noir/dystopia/sci-fi 2011 novel) is set in a dystopian future in Melbourne, Australia.  This futuristic reality piques your curiosity from the get-go. To put things into perspective, the entire time while reading, instances and flashes of Blade Runner and Sin City popped in my head. It felt like an exciting mash-up told through a flowing and intriguing story. If while reading a book or a comic book and you feel yourself heavily immersed within the pages and story, then you know you’ve created something extraordinary.

The artwork has a noir-style feel that truly accentuates the background. It is a unique blend of artwork from years past but updated with a neo-modern flair. The art found in these pages are reminiscent of his work in Trista & Holt, which garnered him great accolades. Andrez Bergen has outdone himself with his creation, his writing, and his artwork.

For this mysterious, intriguing, action-filled, suspenseful sci-fi drama , I am honoring it with a rating of…

PopCultHQ Rating: 4.5 out of 5

PCHQ 4.5

Here are just a couple of pages to give you an idea what your eyes will experience!

You can pick up your print copy of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat #1 by Andrez Bergen through Project-Nerd Publishing online now! And be sure to visit him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter!

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