PopcultHQ Explores Upcoming Movie Sequels – Part 3

sequels part 3And we continue to trudge through our long list of upcoming sequels (excluding the ones for this year, the DCU and MCU movies.) Click here to see Part 1 or Part 2.

G.I. Joe 3

There hasn’t been a lot of progress here, but the project looks like it is being helmed by D. J. Causo and written by Aaron Berg. As far as I can tell there isn’t even a draft of the script, so guessing on the future actors will be tough. I can almost guarantee though that Channing Tatum won’t be part of it.

The Girl Who Played with Fire

This sequel to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is supposedly still in the works. Daniel Craig and Roony Mara are rumored to play the lead characters, however there hasn’t been much action on this for a few years leading me to believe that, even though others want it to move forward, it’s probably not going anywhere.

Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

This sequel to the animated film Gnomeo and Juliet is being spearheaded by Elton John’s Rocket Pictures. Apparently they have asked Emily Blunt and James McAvoy to return as the title characters of Juliet and Gnomeo, but there has been no confirmation that they have accepted the roles.gnomeo

Godzilla 2

After being put on hold due to legal battle, this sequel to the 2014 reboot is now set for release June 8, 2018. Director Gareth Edwards. At a 2014 comic con reveal we were told that the villains would be classics Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah. We have also recently learned that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be returning to the set. Production on this hasn’t begun as Edwards is currently busy with the Star Wars, but we can expect it to filming to shortly afterwards.

Goon: The Last Of The Enforcers

The long-awaited sequel to violent hockey comedy Goon has started filming and is due out in 2016. The main cast, Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber and Alison Pill have all come back and Elisha Cuthbert has been added. Baruchel is also the director and co-writer this time around.

Goonies 2

I don’t know how many times I have heard rumors about this sequel, apparently everyone wants to make it, but no one knows how. So it’s probably best if this one is left on the shelf.

Gremlins 3

There is some indecision whether this is a reboot or a sequel. The director of the original Gremlins, Chris Columbus, spoke at CinemaCon in Vegas and stated, “It’s a completely different direction… it’s not a remake of the first movie at all … It’s the same universe, the same rules, same Gremlins, but not the same.” So it’s either a new take on the whole story or the next person to get hold of the Mogwai. Maybe once they start on a script they can give us a better idea.

Halloween Returns

This would be the 11th movie in the Halloween series. This new one will be directed by Marcus Dunstan who co-wrote it with Patrick Melton. This is another reboot of the series and has Mike Myers sitting on death row, only…here’s a twist… something goes wrong and he escapes…are you surprised? So far there is no casting, but we are told that we might see it in 2016.

Hancock 2

Rumors everywhere, but absolutely nothing to show for them. I think this is another sequel that will sit on the shelf until they decide to do a reboot in another five years.hancock

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2

“After killing the dark evil witch, the brother and sister Hansel and Gretel think that they are safe. But what they don’t know is, there is another dark force striking them soon.”

We’ve got a plot and writers, but no cast or release date. I think Jeremy Renner’s busy filming schedule might have something to do with the delays on this film and by the time he is free to do it, no one will want it.

Hellboy III

As much as we would love to see it I don’t think that a studio is going to fund it. Ron Perlman has been trying to raise interest in it, but so far no one has risen to bite that we know of. Ron keeps dropping hints that something is in the works.

How To Train Your Dragon 3

So far it looks like a lot of the original cast and crew is on board for this and with a release date of June 29, 2018 they have plenty of time to do it right. We hope that this means they won’t be rushing it through production or skimping on the script just to meet their date.

The Huntsman

Technically this is Snow White and the Huntsman 2, but they cut Snow White out of the picture almost a year ago. The movie centers around Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman prior to the original movie. Charlize Theron returns as Raveena back. Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is directing, and the script was written by Frank Darabont and Craig Mazin. Expect to see The Huntsman April 22, 2016.

Keep your eyes open for Part 4 of the Upcoming Sequels series

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