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While at C2E2 convention 2015, PopCultHQ got to meet super sexy cosplayer Vera Baby from Official Vera Baby Live fame. Vera Baby is most notably known for her very risqué cosplay that has many in the cosplayer world up in arms. With a background in modeling with the ultra-badass and very seductive Suicide Girls, Vera has no quarrels or excuses for you when it comes to showing off what she’s worked so very hard to achieve in her career.

Vera Baby was a joy to be around and not just for the looks, mind you. One of the most fun, infectious personalities I’ve been around and a woman who is very confident in who she is and what she wants to achieve, not just another T&A photo-op model. We start of our interview with PopCultHQ presenting a gift to Vera Baby, as she is one of the HOTTEST Mary Jane cosplayers to ever grace the famous comic con floors.


PopCultHQ: Here we are with Vera Baby Live!

Vera Baby: “Hello!”


PopCultHQ: You were a model beforehand. How long have you been cosplaying?

Vera Baby: “I’m actually 300 years old, and I’ve been modeling for 100 years and I’ve been cosplaying for about 50! (laughing) No, I’ve been modeling for about four years and cosplay is a new baby, that’s been a year now.”

Vera Baby: “I started out in tattoo and nude modeling work with Suicide Girls. I could never get rid of the nude work, cause I love being naked and prancing around (giggle), but now there are costumes.” (giggles)


PopCultHQ: I have seen that you get a lot of backlash from the cosplayers community.

Vera Baby: “Yeah” (laughing)

PopCultHQ: There are women who say it’s overly sexy and saying that it’s women taking their sex and making money off of it. How do you feel personally about it?

Vera Baby: “I feel that cosplay is about having fun and feeling sexy and being empowered. If wearing a super short pair of shorts makes you have fun and makes me want to dance around and feel good, that’s what you should be doing. I would never walk down the street wearing what I’m wearing right now, but to be able to come here, and to be free, and express myself, and feel good, and that there are people who do APPRECIATE it and DO enjoy it, gives me all of the joy in the world. I really don’t worry about the people who dislike or hate and have anything but bad to say. Cause there is ALWAYS going to be someone who dislike you and says something bad, no matter who you are, no matter what you do. So just do you.”


PopCultHQ: I know you’re a huge fan of J. Scott Campbell and keep tabs with comics. Have you seen what was going on with the comic book art world and how Frank Cho and Spider-Gwen creator Robbi Rodriguez were at odds over the way Cho was drawing Spider-Gwen too sexy?

<Frank Cho ‘Apes’ Robbi Rodriguez>

Vera Baby: “Yeah, I have seen some of that.”

PopCultHQ: How people misinterpreted words from Robbi and how he was saying that Cho better not meet up with him face to face. How do you feel about how the fellow creators like Rob Liefeld and J. Scott Campbell backing up Cho and saying that creators should be able to draw what their creative freedoms allows them to without one person on the internet being offended?

Vera Baby: “Well from the information that I know now, I would have to side with Frank Cho. I just recently learned about Frank Cho from Ivy Doomkitty and she was saying that he was one of her favorite artists. So I looked him up and I think he’s amazing. If people can see the female figure as a form of sensuality and how the female body moves is artwork, then that’s great. I think maybe that the other people are just a bit ‘uncomfortable,’ and I can see how people can be opposed to it; everybody has their things that they do like and they don’t like. That’s all I really see it as. But to turn around and throw hate or to be rude, I can’t stand behind that.”


PopCultHQ: I know you do a super hot Mary Jane, what are some of your other favorites to dress up as?

Vera Baby: “Princess Peach, Nurse Joy, Cruella De Vil, Misty,”


PopCultHQ: What I do like about you is that you separate your super sexy cosplay stuff at the cons from your LIVE nude stuff you do on your website. You always make that distinction of 18 and over only.

Vera Baby: “Yeah, I do and I don’t. (laughing)”

Vera Baby: “You know what. Being that nude girl and doing that modeling, is just what I like to do most and whenever I get the results from that, I get the most excited, like “OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO GOING TO LOVE THIS!!” And I’m so happy! I get a similar feeling with the cosplay, but with the cosplay you just take one solid image mostly, but with the nude sets, it’s a lot more movement and posing so you almost feel like an actress a little bit, it’s fun.” (giggles)

Vera Baby: “Every now and then if i’m in a character, I really feel my personality come out and that’s when I want to take that character and make it a bit more scantily clad, and sexy and really show that off!”


PopCultHQ: Thank you so much for this interview Vera Baby. You are a very busy woman at the cons, so just spending a few minutes with us was great! Hope to see you again at another show!

Vera Baby: “Thanks so much guys! I’m Vera Baby Live at OfficialVeraBabyLive.com!”




Photo gallery below is just a very tiny sample of what can be found of Vera Baby Live (Photos courtesy of their respective photographers and verababylive.com). The best way to get the ultimate Vera Baby Live content is on her website and to give her a follow on Vera Baby Live Instagram and Vera Baby Live Twitter accounts.

We’ve always been cosplayer advocates here at PopCultHQ, and as we’ve reported before all sizes and forms of cosplayers is our most important message to get out to our fellow cosplay fans. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself happy and most importantly those around you happy, with what each one of you cosplayers bring to the shows.

Always show respect to each and every cosplayer (don’t be a creeper) and always stay Cospositive!

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