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During our week long coverage of Insane Comics, the leader in underground independent comic books with 40 titles to their vastly diverse lineup. We have tried to review every single book from Insane Comics, but in one week, that was even an INSANE idea! Fun as it was, there were some anthology series and some collected volumes we just could not get to in one week. We will come back to review those great titles in another time, we promise.

I have gathered what little we could not give a special spotlight review to and compiled a highlight list of more spectacular titles from Insane Comics. Links and official Synopsis have been provided.  I hope everyone enjoyed Insane Comics week as I’m sure we will return in the future to do it again! Go Insane comic book fans.

Dragon Trio

The Dragon Trio tells the story of three young Japanese brothers who are coming to terms with the murder of their parents and older brother. In the course of their search for answers they become entangled in a bitter battle an Asian crime syndicate, not realizing they have a deeper connection than they realized.

The three brothers eventually use their martial arts ability and their ability to manipulate ki energy to become The Dragon Trio, costumed ninja vigilantes who help those in need and punish the guilty.

The Dragon Trio #1

Writer & Artist – Winston Jordan

Ghost –

Crescent City is a place of two worlds. One is of happiness and beauty, the other is a dark place of blood and pain. Corruption flows through the streets as gang leaders and killers make their mark in the deep south. Only one thing stands against them: an urban legend with a thirst for blood. A legend the city calls “Ghost”.


Creators & Writers – Wade Price & Brian Berg

Artist – Bob Raigen

Gladiators of Destiny

gladiators of

Gladiators of Destiny is a multi-part limited series set in Ancient Europe (alternate comic book universe of course), that centers around a small group of people who have beliefs similar to Judeo-Christian traditions.

The Gladiators are pretty much an ancient superhero group whose abilities are attributed to the power of their sole, faceless god. Many of their adversaries will have supernatural abilities from demonic involvement.

Gladiators of Destiny #1

Writer & Artist – Vince Wooten

Miss Conduct

The world’s resources are depleting because of a population that is out of control. Society finds it easier to control the population explosion through premature deaths rather than preventing births. But, what happens when one person trained as an assassin from birth starts to question her responsibility?

Miss Conduct

Modern Testament –

MODERN TESTAMENT – Anthology of the Ethereal

An angel, a demon, and a Horseman of the Apocalypse: these beings, although ancient and iconic, struggle to be understood and find their place in today’s society. Humanity has changed since their creation, and they along with it. But together we’ll chronicle them on their journey through tales of self-worth and purpose. They’re stories of discovery we’re currently writing everyday in our very own Modern Testament.

Story – Frank Martin

“Fallen Angel”
Pencils – Federico Zumel
Inks – Jeff Coney
Colors – Jay Moyano

“The Bad Guy”
Art – Branco Jovanovic
Colors – Eugene Betivu

“Feast or Famine”
Art – Tomasz Witas
Colors – Sara Machajewski

Modern Testament – Anthology of the Ethereal
32 pages in FULL COLOR!

Moonlit Dawn –


Moonlit Dawn Chapter 1 continues where the Prologue left off.

We see Flare and the unnamed wolf (now has a name) as they’re off to meet a goddess! It has some elemental magic, a cool fight scene, and some showcasing of the rules of this world.

Moonlit Dawn – Chapter One

Creator, Writer, & Artist – Alethea

Night’s Templar –

From the beginning of time, the Earth has been a battlefield between Vampires and Werewolves with humankind stuck in the middle. In order to maintain the survival of the human race, a select group of people were assigned with the task of battling the Vampires and Werewolves.

These select warriors are called the NIGHT’S TEMPLAR!

Writer – Kelly Bender

Art – Carlos C GardeColors – Pascal VerhoefLetters – Micah Myers

Characters Created by Garde & Verhoef


offbeat –


Gunther Kleinschmidt is your typical German from the Bavarian region.

Ludwika Polawski is a refined woman from Poland.

Together, they are partners in the Boston Police Department.

It’s tough enough being the minority in a city full of Irish and Italians, let alone trying to deal with the fact that they hate each other as well.

Gunther is bored with life and is dead set on going out in style. Ludwika is doing everything she can to make sure that he does not take her along.

Soon, they will realize that their partnership goes well beyond the borders of Boston and they will become wrapped up in an international ring that is about to take the world into a new direction.

offbeat #1

Creator & Writer – James C. Munch

Pencils & Inks – Andre Pinto

Letters – Ray Zepeda, Jr.



After a research expedition comes up missing, millionaire Steven Gedian sends a rescue team up a deadly mountain that is being hunted by a legendary creature.


Writers – Bradley Golden & Nick Philpott
Artist – Ugur Sertcelik & Matt Santorelli
Letters – Chris Allen
Credits Artist – Michael McNaughton

Cover – Carlos Villas

Pirates, Zombies, and a Cowboy –


Taking place in the mid 1800s, Roy Whales is a cowboy out hunting buffalo. While hunting, he catches a fever and at the same time a sickness spreads in his home town of Red Town. Village folk are acting erratic and are quarantined. Roy, who is thought to be infected, is thrown in with the sick and sent off into th…e ocean on a boat to die. The adventure really begins when Roy finds the ship has wrecked on an island with pirates!


Writer – David Dibenedetto

Art & Letters – Joe Badon



A young woman who wants her miserable existence to come to an end. Another who wants another shot at life. And a Grim Reaper named Victor. What do these three have in common? They are all connected by Death.

One wants to embrace it, one wants to avoid it, and another is only created for it. But what happens when these three are brought together through a little game that Victor starts all in an effort to help pass the long and monotonous time of eternity?

Follow their adventure when they inadvertently uncover the plot of a secret sect of angels and demons who are planning on a coupe to overthrow Heaven and Hell, join the two domains as one, and destroy Earth!

Writer – JoJo King

Artist – Adrian9Letters – John Palmer


Reclaiming Godhood –


Treachery! Deceit! Corruption! Betrayal!

After betrayal by his brother, Pluto, Jupiter was cast to earth to live a life of mortality. He has many challenges to overcome during his attempt to adapt to the modern life on earth. Seeking the justice that is due to him, Jupiter embarks on an epic quest towards:

Writer – Braiden Cox

Art – Samir Simao

Letters – Ray Zepada, Jr


We Scream


This is a horror anthology series where each issue is it’s own stand alone story. Issue #1 is about a lonely demon who is stalking her prey through the reflection of mirrors.

You will never look in the mirror the same way again!


Written and created by Bradley Golden
Drawn by Anhell Martinez
Inks by John Dixon

Letters by Evan Quiring

Wicker #0  –

Wicker is an episodic historical horror series set throughout out three centuries and follows the generational woes of a cursed family as they deal with being claimed by The Wicker Witch, in Andover, MA. Terror ensues through horrific tales of creation, revenge, atonement, and the legacy of the Wicker Witch.


Writer – Lou Frontier
Pencils & Inks – Jason Themm

Colors – DC Alonso

Letters – Alex Giles

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