PopCultHQ Spotlight: Delcourt-Soleil – ‘Iron Squad’

Iron Squad

Iron Squad #1 variant cover

Written by: Jean-Luc Sala
Translated By: Studio Charon
Art by: Ronan Toulhoat

THE UCHRONIC SERIES WITH MEKAPANZERS INSIDE! How will the appearance of a new technology in 1944 alter the course of World War II? And how will this lead the Germans towards Victory? In 1946, the Mecha War begins!

Iron Squad: Red Commando / Operation Rebalance

On the Eastern front, as the last resistance of the Red Army falters, General Joukov gathers together the Red Commandos in order to save Moscow from the approaching Nazi threat.
In their mechanized armor, the greatest heroes of the Red Army participate in a last chance operation, to take hold of the greatest Nazi Mekapanzer and turn it against the German army!But within the Red Commando members, Joukov has made an error by including Nia, a passionate and idealist pilot, and a fanatical political Komissar with a rough approach to leadership. They are going to have to learn to fight side by side or… die!

The forest of Mazurie, in former Poland. Disguised as SS, an allied Commando squad tries to infiltrate into the very heart of the Reich’s most secret base to free Albert Einstein, who has been kidnapped by the Nazis to work on their program of secret weapons. A ragtag group of Allies, these soldiers are tough bastards; hungry wolves ready to sweep down on the enemy… Among them is Jonah Karmann, a young Jewish scientist, whose family was annihilated by the Nazis. He notices that by putting on the uniform of the enemy, they risk becoming just like those they fight. He, more than anyone else, could jeopardize their mission…


Review: Iron Squad takes the ‘What If?’ approach in a time of history where Industrial Age technology has taken gigantic leaps forward. Which now allows the armies of WWII to have the ability to fight in mecha type exo-war-machines. While we follow a group of roughnecks, the lead of this series is a very strong-willed woman NIa, who has no issues with giving men who underestimate her, a piece of her mind and a boot up their ass as well. While the artwork was very sleek in this book I felt the story too cliché even for a displaced time-period piece.


As the German army is decimating all its European foes one by one, leaving this rag-tag group of Soviet soldiers in their iron suits, as the last line of defense. with crisp clean updated looking Robotech-type artwork.

Action really gets hot and heavy as the Russians plan to infiltrate the Nazi army’s base and steal their secret weapon. Shit really gets out of control when Nia’s mission takes a turn for the worse as plans don’t go as expected. Finally the really big bomb is dropped……no literally! The BIG one is dropped in this time twisted tale of World War II, but who it’s dropped on is what makes Iron Squad a promising future read.

PopcultHQ rating:  3.5 out of 5 Baguettes 

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