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Who the hell is Star-Lords Father?
Who in the galactic hell is Star-Lords Father?

Far be it for James Gunn to not tell the truth right? I mean it has even gone as far as James Gunn saying he was not concerned that we the fans would find out anytime soon on who Peter Quill, Star Lord’s father was. Gunn had already gone on record (as Gunn loves to do) saying that GotG 2 would not focus on who Peter Quill’s real father is. But now that Gunn has announced that he has finished the rough draft for GotG 2, news also comes out that the film will INDEED reveal who the REAL father of Star-Lord will actually be.

So before all that is finally revealed in the movies, I will take you through a thorough list of my candidates to do the best process of elimination and see who is more likely to come out on top. First off some background on Peter Quill.


Peter Quill’s comic book father(s):


Fans of the Marvel comic books know Star-Lord’s father is an alien named Jason of Spartax, an Emperor of the Spartoi Empire. This is actually one of two origin story lines from the comic books. Originally Jason killed Peter Quill’s drunken step-father in an argument. That story was later changed to not include the killing or a step-father and Jason’s character and name was then changed to J’Son.


The clues given in GOTG movie:

Peter Quill’s mother on her death-bed with some of her final words gives the biggest clue;
“You’re so like your daddy, you even look like him and he was an angel. Composed out of pure light”

The Ravager who yells at Yondu reminding him that Quill was ‘cargo’ that was supposed to be delivered;
“I told you when we picked that kid up you should have delivered him like we was hired to do! He was CARGO! You’ve always been soft on him”

Star Lord survives touching the power infinity stone at the end of the film, even after The Collector’s warnings;
“These stones can only be brandished by beings of extraordinary strength”


End of film when Kraglin Ravager reminds Yondu once again Quill was supposed to be delivered, Yondu says of Quill’s father
Kraglin Ravager: “Yeah Quill turned out OK. It was probably better we didn’t deliver him to his father like we was hired to do”

Yondu: “Yeah, that guy was a jackass”

Nova Prime, reveals to Quill an anomaly found in his nervous system;
“You are half Terran (human), your mother was of Earth. Your father well, he’s something very ancient we’ve never seen here before.”


The long shots:

One thing for sure that we know is James Gunn has also gone along with saying that Quill’s father will NOT be the same character that is in the comic books, the king of Spartax J’Son, so he will be out of the running.

Thanos, Celestials, Black Bolt, Future Iron Man, Yondu, The Collector, Silver Surfer – While I’ve heard it all from every fanboy possible, all these people listed above will NOT be Pete’s father, so I won’t even waste time on any of them. There is just nothing in these suggestions above that comes close to any of the clues given so far in the movies, the actors or the director Gunn himself.


List of real possible candidates:


Nova – (Richard Rider, Sam Alexander) I’ll just go ahead and discredit this one right away. While we are on Xandar and we have already met the Nova Corps, the superhero known as Richard Rider will not be Star Lord’s dad. Since the Nova Prime of Xandar did say Quill’s non-human DNA is something they have never seen before in their databases so a Xandarian will not make the cut. The newer version of Nova, a teenager Sam Alexander will not even be a sparkle in his grandfather’s eyes when Quill was even born so Sam Alexander will not be Quill’s daddy.




Adam Warlock – While many people would love to connect this dot already since Warlock’s “cocoon” was an Easter Egg in both Thor: The Dark World and GotG. The cocoon then subsequently burst open during the power gem explosion in Guardians of the Galaxy while visiting The Collector.



This one will have to be discredited by me also since his powers and comic book history don’t go along with any of the clues given so far. Adam does not look human with his golden skin and while he is a bit of a jerk…..his powers do not make him composed of pure light as Quill’s mother vividly recalls.




Mar’vel – Captain Mar’vel the strong courageous soldier from the Kree empire. He has all the qualities to be Star Lord’s father. While both men have limitless amounts of courage, there is just not a way for this one to be true either. He sort of does fit a description of an angel who radiates light……but Mar’vel is not known for being a “Jackass” as Yondu puts it ever so eloquently. While Mar’vel does look human, he is of Kree race and the Xandarians know of the Kree very well for Ronan is Kree and the Kree are who the Nova Corps have been trying to negotiate peace talks with. So basically a Kree could not be Star-Lord’s daddy.



Quasar – Here’s one that intrigues me very much. The earth-born hero Wendell Vaughn, was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He graduated from S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of all things and has a very interesting story. One that I hear Marvel may be working on as a future movie. In Marvel comics, future Quasar actually fathers a son with a woman named Kismet, but due to his death and leaving his family on earth before he ever got to see his son grow. As convenient as the baby left behind on earth story is for being Peter Quill…..that origin story belongs to someone else in the comics, that baby I will get more in-depth into with the next baby daddy suggestion. Also the most discrediting piece for Quasar not being Quill’s dad, is the very first thing I brought up about Quasar. He’s a human and the Nova Corps know what a human is, so……NEXT!!!




Starhawk – So tell me if this sounds vaguely familiar? Stakar Vaughn, (Starhawk) was born to a superhero father who died and a woman named Kismet (in the Guardians of the Galaxy alternate timeline Earth-691) around the year 2002. Infant Stakar is instantly stolen by Era, and later found and raised by friendly Arcturian mutant-aliens. The boy is then kidnapped by a band of called “Reavers” who kill the adoptive parents and take the boy. The Reavers leader Ogord discovered the infant and everyone (even the boy) assuming him to be a normal Arcturian. Ogord adopted the child and raised it as his own with his wife Salaan, naming the boy Stakar. The boy loved and grew up on the space ship with the pack of Reavers space pirates. (Hmmmmmmm, sounds kinda like a Star Lord right?)


Stakar gains his powers from a Hawk God he finds in ruins, one of these powers is the manipulation of light! If that doesn’t peak your curiosity then how about the fact that Starhawk can fly and has “solar wings” that make him look like…..well….an angel!! Don’t get the idea that he looks like an angel to go with his personality……this guy IS known to be sort of a dick to his teammates since in an essence he has already been there and done that (sort of). Having to relive his life over and over again, Stakar manipulates things to his advantage but this in turns causes him to have many enemies, even his very own teammates.


That’s right! I present to you one of the ORIGINAL Guardians of the Galaxy, the all-knowing asshole Starhawk! The guy that seems to have pre-cog powers since he keeps being “reborn” to his infant self. So after each time he dies he has to relive his life with his past knowledge which he then tries to better things each time around. Also just who happens to be Starhawk’s father? That’s right, the one and only Quasar that I brought up before!

Father and Son



So the winner is:


Starhawk! What makes me so sure about this?! Honestly to me Starhawk’s comic book origins make more sense as being a Star-Lord movie origin story rather than being a Starhawk one. The origin for Starhawk in the comic books almost sounds just like Peter Quill’s story in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, does it not? Then there is the clues given in the movie of Quill’s father who had powers that fit more with Starhawk then they would for anyone else in the Marvel galactic universe. James Gunn will have to explain away a few things like having a human grandfather in Quasar and Starhawk’s other power to transform his body from male to female form. The only thing in the comic books that will most likely not take place in the GOTG movies is Starhawk’s alter ego of sorts. Starhawk also shares his physical form with his female step-sister named Aleta! While the other is stuck in “limbo” when they switch Starhawk’s forms the other takes the physical form. I’m sure this power could be skipped in the movie version or still used but I highly doubt it since it’s so complex to explain to a casual Marvel movie fan, but we’ll see.

Starhawk’s alter ego Aleta


This was a very easy guess for me. What I think James Gunn did was swap-out the origin story for Starhawk in the comics and gave it to Peter Quill for the GotG movie. Thus now allowing Gunn to create his very own version of Starhawk’s origin for a future GotG movie. After Marvel’s Secret Wars massive comic book crossover and a new Marvel reboot coming afterwards, I’m guessing that J’Son (King of Spartax) being Peter Quill’s father origin will no longer exist. Either way, right now I’m pulling for Starhawk to make a future movie appearance as Star Lord’s father In GotG2!


A second hint to Starhawk being Quill’s father has been hiding under your noses the entire time. If you have ever watched the special feature on the GotG BluRay/DVD “James Gunn’s Galactic Adventure” you will catch this little Easter egg that was played in the feature. It is most likely a subtle hint from James Gunn himself to everybody from the very start, what is in store for future Marvel Cinematic movie adventures!! Sneaky sneaky Gunn!!

Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg - Starhawk & Betta Ray Bill
Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg – Starhawk & Beta Ray Bill

Who do you think will be Star-Lord’s father?

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