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The Bastard Executioner


A once Nobel warrior (for the kingdom finds himself dreaming of battles long-ago. In quite the brutal fashion he dreams of how he survived apparently dying, only to be resurrected by a spiritual vision telling him to lay down his sword and lead the life of another man:

Years later “Wilkin Brattle” (Lee Jones) is now a peasant living a peaceful life as a husband with a lovely wife awaiting the birth of his first child. That is till the greedy Baron lays taxes so heavy on the land it forces the peasant people to take up arms. Of course this sets a war in motion that sees – a lord kill an entire village full of woman and children to send a ghastly message to the seven rogue men of the village.

We also meet our cast of characters – the traveling punisher an executioner who’s vile, angry and a miserable man to his family especially his Son. A baroness (Flora Spencer-Longhurst) who is incredibly strong-willed, honorable and thirst for excitement and a constable who’s evil and corrupt ways can be seen to the bone. A witch (Katey Sagal)  and mysterious mute (Kurt Sutter) who are playing the pieces of this world like a game of chess.

But with shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings, a new show like The Bastard Executioner is going to have a very difficult time trying to appease to fans of these types of period/fantasy shows. The Bastard Executioner is set in the days of the Dark Ages of European rule. The appealing aspect of this show is the torturous brutality of the times also the people who have to fight to survive during this bleak era.

From the writer of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutteryou would expect there to be some deeply complex storylines in the works, but will this show be given the time to explore those stories or will it get cut before then. FX Network is not known for pulling the plug on its shows even when ratings are not looking great to begin with. A very decent hack and slash show that pulls no punches when it comes to bringing the grossed out factor of battles to the max. There are compelling characters to follow In a decent 17th century Middle Ages period-piece that in many ways reminds me if this could have been a Braveheart TV series. Only time will tell if there are major surprises in store for the audience to keep us invested in another long epic of a show or will it just fold-over with the weight of the competition. Future shows like Enter the Badlands on their way, The Bastard Executioner needs fans to jump on soon or else I don’t see this deserving show continuing for more than two or three seasons.

The Bastard Executioner – FX Network – Drama, Adventure – 3.5 out of 5

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