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We’re still in the middle of Marvel’s Secret Wars but the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe books begin shipping this Wednesday. Of course I happened to snag a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 volume 4 a day or two early. What we have here is a true to goodness All-New Spider-Man!


(Warning: Spoilers)

Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli deliver to us a nice package with awesome art, awesome story and lots of action and seeds for what is yet to come. As always Spider-Man under Slott has yet to disappoint; even if Spider-Verse was a hit or miss. I feel Slott is excited that Secret Wars is soon coming to a close and Marvel is pushing out their new Post=Secret Wars world now, although that baffles my mind completely however it shoots down the theories that we will see a retconed Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man has become the Batman of the Marvel Universe. With the use of Parker Industries, Peter Parker has taken Spider-Man public but with still maintaining a secret identity. We open the issue with Peter and Spider-Man in a TV commercial for a new piece of technology Parker Industries has developed. Webware from Parker Industries, it functions as sort of the Marvel version of an Apple Watch.

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Spidey sells out?

“With great power… comes greater speed, storage, and battery life.”

This device brings affordable internet access, clear reception, unlimited data anywhere on the planet. Both Peter and Spider-Man endorse this device and technology as Spider-Man has it incorporated into his costume.

We cut to Spider-Man and Mockingbird in a car chase in Shanghai. However now Spider-Man has a spider-mobile (a spider-mobie, really Marvel?). Now for those of you continuity buffs out there this isn’t the first time spider had wheels, but this thing looks sick and feels like Batman’s tumbler from the Nolan Dark Knight films, except red and it has a spider configuration where it forms eight legs and can climb surfaces. The two are chasing after Zodiac who has stolen the secure servers for Parker Industries new technology. Nick Fury Jr. has enlisted Spider-Man for help. We see some interesting witty banter between Mockingbird and Spider-Man, Dan Slott does not fail us here.

The new Spidey-Mobile!
The new Spidey-Mobile!

When the car chase is done, Peter returns to New York where he holds a press conference for the opening of his new Uncle Ben Foundation. The objective to help the less fortunate and raise the quality of life around the globe.

We also learn there are two Spider-Men. In San Francisco another Spider-Man is running around in the red and blues, but this Spider-Man is Hobie, the Prowler who has been no stranger as to posing as Spider-Man in the past. The idea is Spider-Man in two places can throw enemies off the scent of Peter’s secret identity since he and Spider-Man works closely at Parker Industries, sort of like Tony Stark and his bodyguard Iron Man relationship. This come close to the idea of Batman, Inc but here we call it Spider-Man, Inc.

We are even privy to a gay wedding between Peter’s idol, Max Modell and his lifetime partner Hector. Max has been a hero and mentor to Peter for most of the Slott run on Amazing Spider-Man. While this is unexpected, it’s written well into the issue as Zodiac shows up to break up the wedding reception. We don’t see Peter swing into action as Hobie runs and does the quick change and fights off Zodiac’s people. They’re able to take the Webware as Parker gives it to them but not before he encrypts it.

“Reilly Room 30. Crusher Hogan.”

Evidently Peter Parker uses code words which are special to him and him alone. It seems like Slott is giving us a nod to continuity from across the board. We even see an evolution of Peter’s romantic involvement with Dr. Lian Tang.

However the best is saved for last. Over in the Parker Industries in London is Doctor Anna Marconi who has a robot named Brain. A robot with a form of basic AI and it is revealed in the last panel Dr. Otto Octavius resides deep in the programming of Brain!

Doc Ock still around!
Doc Ock still around!

Over all it was a fun issue, a nice quick read full of action and wit. It is NOT our Amazing Spider-Man. I don’t know how this will go over with long time fans as it’s a complete 180 and more from the classic model we know and love. He’s till Spider-Man and he hasn’t been replaced by anyone, he just needs someone to share the spotlight for now.

The issue is a whopping 64 pages not containing any ads and has stories from Spider-Man 2099, Silk, Spider-Woman, Web Warriors and even some Miles Morales action as back up stories as well as a two page The Spider’s Corner by Petey P. Whether the five back ups are the first few pages of the perspective three series or not remains to be seen. Certainly worth picking up.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (volume 4) ships this Wednesday, October 7th. 



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