PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review – ESCAPE FROM MONSTER ISLAND #3 from Zenescope (Available 4/20/16)

PopCultHQ received an advance copy of Escape from Monster Island #3 from Zenescope Entertainment which arrives in stores this Wednesday, April 20th. The creative team for this new series features writing from Joe Tyler, interior artist Carlos Granda, and colorist Jorge Cortes.

Here is PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of Escape from Monster Island #3

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book ReviewEscape from Monster Island #3:

A remote island. An experiment gone wrong. A supposed cure for cancer. A horde of monsters vowing revenge on the very humanity that caused their monstrous transformation. The Elf Queen of the Monsters, along with the horde of hulking, hideous beasts collectively known as The Queen’s Guard, are a vicious force that of which the mercenary team simply may not be able to overtake.

E1From early on in reading this issue, what immediately captivated me was the mention of an underlying scheme by a financier hidden in the shadows attempting to seize this remote island. I instantly had a flashback to the television show Lost, as this wealthy man with an agenda was very reminiscent of Charles Widmore on the series. I think this is a brilliant underlying story to complement the man vs. monster narrative by writer Joe Tyler.

E2There are a couple of other things which stood out to me which I enjoyed: First, the appearance of a mercenary unit on this island still inhabited by civilians is a worthy concept to add to this story. The reason being is that those who had survived for years on the island, likely ecstatic to see what they feel is a rescue team, only to be let down in learning that they were on a different mission and rescue was not a part of that plan. This can certainly make for some good situations and confrontations later in this series. Animosity, lack of trust, deception, division, evasiveness, and possibly even someone switching agendas and realigning themselves. It’s these emotions which can produce some intense storylines and rivalries. I have a feeling Tyler will bring some of these emotions to the forefront to create some compelling confrontations.


E3Secondly, having a female operative be reunited with a former love who is part of the civilian survivors on this island is a necessary addition to the tale. With what is certain to be many moments of violent encounters with the monsters of the island, having a softer undertone will be welcoming in the right moments. It also leads to potential drama between the two and a possibility of one joining the cause of the other.

I’m looking forward to see the further character development of Charles, the apparent leader of the lasting civilians, as he will definitely be the big playmaker in this series. Referencing the tv series Lost again, Charles is the epitome of Jack Shepherd: loyal to the people stranded on the island, a need to want to protect them, a determined and driven leader, and just enough wisdom to recognize not to trust anyone but yourself. The group’s encounter at the end of the issue also looks like there could be potential for a riveting story.

As for the art, it have a terrific feel which worked for this type of story. The shading caught my eye as it gave a lot of definition to each panel, in particular the facial features of the characters. Was impressed with how well The Queen’s Guard were and there colors were spot on. I think issue four will deliver a bit more punch and pique my curiosity of where this story is headed even more.

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


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Storyline of Escape from Monster Island:

For decades the U.S. Government has covered up the existence of dozens of species of dangerous creatures that have been captured over the years. After building a small, secretive city on a remote island in the Pacific, these monsters were transported there to be studied. In 2012, disaster struck and the island was evacuated.

Now the inmates have taken over, and different species fight for control within the city walls. However, something extremely valuable was left behind on the island and the only way to recover it is to send an elite mercenary unit into the most dangerous place in the world… Monster Island.

Synopsis for Escape from Monster Island #3:

The group of mercenaries continues their search for the cure but realize a traitor is amongst them. Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Queen of Monster Island uses one of her captives as a bargaining chip but will her demands be met in time?

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