PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: PACKS OF THE LOWCOUNTRY Original Graphic Novel

PopCultHQ received a review copy of PACKS OF THE LOWCOUNTRY OGN. Coming to Kickstarter on Wednesday, November 1st, the creative team for this Original Graphic Novel features writing from John Dudley, art from Don Cardenas, colors by Mark Dale and Kelly Fitzpatrick, and lettering from Jon Westhoff and Don Cardenas.

Check out some of the pinup artists and bonuses planned for the campaign:

The PACKS OF THE LOWCOUNTRY KICKSTARTER includes great rewards such as the aforementioned 200+ page HARDCOVER, Exclusive stickers and patches, and its very own 15-song SOUNDTRACK created by series artist/co-creator DON CARDENAS. The KICKSTARTER also features Pinups by amazing artists: Mike Norton (Battlepug, Revival), Natasha Alterici (HEATHEN), Brian Level (Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows), Ryan Lee (Valiant Comics Cover Artist), Marie Enger (REGRESSION, DEPT H), Joe Mulvey (SCAM, MUMMY KNOWS BEST), Jason Copland (KILL ALL MONSTERS, DAREDEVIL), Jonathan LaMantia (HEAVY METAL), Tyrell Cannon (VICTUS), and Kelly Williams (HOWL, SPREAD).

Here’s PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of…


Writing: John Dudley

Art: Don Cardenas

Colors: Mark Dale and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letters: Jon Westhoff and Don Cardenas

LIVE on Kickstarter: November 1st

From writer John Dudley, artist Don Cardenas and colorist Mark Dale (with Kelly Fitzpatrick), ‘Packs’ takes place 16 years after the world was overrun by nightmarish creatures. Only one fortified city is known to be free of the Invaders. But a rumor of a 2nd city in South Carolina’s lowcountry sends a team deep into enemy territory. This crew of investigators is tired of running from their demons. But there is more to fear from this mission than they realize. Join them in a story about taking confident steps forward despite living in a monstrous world that encourages anything but assurances.
Campaign is LIVE Wednesday, November 1st!

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:


John Dudley’s writing is both interesting and engaging. He presents a story that starts out as a classic science fiction tale, but then interweaves elements of superhero lore. His characters and plot are rich and fleshed out, ensuring that nothing is left out of the narrative or development of the cast. Sometimes these two genres can be difficult to mix, but John takes the task in hand and gives readers what they asked for…one epic adventure that people are sure to enjoy.


Don Cardenas’s art was brilliant in this book. He puts a lot of effort and energy into making sure the world of the Low Country is not just simple drawings, but very real. There’s a rich use of panels with close-ups of the characters, panels with explosions etc., the sorts of material one doesn’t always expect from a sci-fi/superhero book such as this, but is always a welcome thing for readers. And his work on the lettering for the prologue and first chapter are tops too. He puts a lot of emotion into his letters in those two sections, giving the book more of that Don Cardenas touch.

Mark Dale and Kelly Fitzpatrick are a great coloring team. The work is divided up between the two of them, so readers will be able to tell whose colors are whose. But there is clear and purposeful flow here, these two work in tandem to ensure that the other’s color choices don’t stomp on the others. Instead, it enhances the book and therefore the experience of the story and art.

Jon Westhoff is the letterer for the rest of the book and does a spectacular job. Every single piece of lettering, whether it’s from the character, an internal thought box, or the pages of words that are transcripts (adding more fuel to the story), Jon takes it all on and nails it. He has a real sense of what letters need to look for every aspect of the book, and thus puts his own stamp of creativity on this project.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

Graphic novels tell all kinds of stories in the modern era. Genres that normally were confined to only one form of literature are given the chance to reach wider audiences. In the case of this book, readers are treated to a science fiction epic that spins into a superhero adventure, all of it tying together seamlessly thanks to the fantastic creative team working together. It’s a high action treat that will brings endless reading enjoyment to everyone.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

5 Out of 5 Stars


Campaign is LIVE Wednesday, November 1st

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Writer – John Dudley






Artist/Letterer – Don Cardenas






Colorist – Mark Dale






Colorist – Kelly Fitzpatrick






Letterer – Jon Westhoff