PopCultHQ’s TV Show Review: “CODE BLACK” is one of 2015 Best Shows!



A CODE BLACK is when a hospital reaches overcapacity for staff to handle all of its patients. Most hospitals around the nation experience a CODE BLACK maybe five times a year. The LA county hospital has CODE BLACKS 300 times a year.

The breakout hit of the season so far, with a very strong thrilling first episode, that has grasped fans by the throat and has not let go since! A code black in an ER hospital is when there’s too many patients and the hospital no longer has the resources to handle such capacity anymore. Code Black will be the new hot ER type show that is promising to keep people enthralled each and every week with absolutely mind numbing drama. Marcia Gay Harden is Daddy and Luis Guzmán is Mommy and all the attendants are their children.


Pulse-pounding is not even the word for this show….CODE BLACK is exhilarating and has viewers squirming in their sets awaiting to see the outcome. The portrayal of an ER is as close as it can get on prime time TV, leaving the doctors and the floor covered in blood. The emotional roller coaster ride is almost exhausting by the time you reach the end of an episode and that to me makes this a show very worthy of investing time into. Pilot episode was all about introduction of characters so the action was high and the romance drama low. If CODE BLACK would be less Grey’s Anatomy and more Tales From the ER then CODE BLACK will be a monster hit, too bad shows need their romance crap (sarcasm). This is my MUST WATCH show of the season. 

Code Black – CBS – drama – 5 out of 5  *EDITORS PICK! 

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