[Preview] Action Lab’s ATHENA VOLTAIRE PULP TALES Vol. 1 by Steve Bryant, Chris Murrin, Tom King, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Genevieve Pearson, Dirk Manning & Many More!

1930s adventuress Athena Voltaire is admittedly inspired by Doc Savage, the Shadow, and other giants of the pulp era, and now she’s starring in her own collection of pulp-style stories. This December, Action Lab Entertainment unleashes Athena Voltaire Pulp Tales—a collection of two-fisted stories that send the aviatrix across the globe and back again!

Contributors to this volume include Tom King (Batman, Vision), Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman (Invisible Republic), Genevieve Pearson (TBS’ King of the Nerds), Dirk Manning (Nightmare World), and over a dozen more. They take Athena Voltaire around the globe, battling supernatural creatures, power-hungry occultists, and, of course, Nazis. Along the way she rubs elbows with the most famous figures of the 1930s and becomes part of some of the most pivotal moments in history.


Writers: Steve Bryant, Tom King, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Will Pfeifer, Dirk Manning, Genevieve Pearson, Eric Trautmann, Marc Mason, Michael May, Caleb Monroe, Mike Oliveri, Ron Fortier, Brad Keefauver, Love Amber Elizabeth, Ryan L. Schrodt, Chris Murrin, Paul Malmont, October Crifasi

Steve Bryant

Editors: Chris Murrin, Steve Bryant

Cover Artists: Steve Bryant, Jason Millet

320 pgs./ T / BW

Authors Tom King, Corinna Bechko, Genevieve Pearson, Will Pfeifer, and a dozen more tell the swashbuckling tales of globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire! With illustrations by Steve Bryant, this collection of short stories in the spirit of the pulps which inspired the character sees Athena battling adversaries old and new, dodging lethal traps, fighting creatures natural and supernatural, and meeting some of history’s most influential figures.

What people are saying about the Athena Voltaire comics:

“If you like games like Uncharted or Tomb Raider, you’ll dig this book.” – Horror Talk

“…Athena Voltaire shines as one of the finest pulp heroes ever created.” – Pulp Fiction Reviews

“…presents our heroine the way she should be, strong and taking action. She is assertive in situations and definitely isn’t a damsel in distress.”
– The Broken Infinite


Publisher – Action Lab Entertainment


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