[Preview] AHOY Comics’ 2/5 Release: CAPTAIN GINGER – Season Two: ‘Dogworld’ #1

Captain Ginger

This Wednesday, AHOY Comics is set to release the debut issue of and all-new season of CAPTAIN GINGER!

The humans are dead. And after they died out, it was the cats that inherited the Earth ― or at least one starship. Now Captain Ginger and his crew of fearless felines explore deep space, all the while fleeing from the Lumen, the aliens who wiped out humanity….

Created by legendary comic book artist June Brigman (Power Pack), inker Roy Richardson, colorist Veronica Gandini and acclaimed writer Stuart Moore (Bronze Age Boogie, X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga prose novel), and featuring the usual AHOY selection of extra features, CAPTAIN GINGER charts the ongoing mission of Captain Ginger, Sergeant Mittens, Science Cat, Ramscoop, Ecru, and Deena. In CAPTAIN GINGER: DOGWORLD, the crew stumbles upon a mysterious hyperspace signal that sends the ship into a frenzy They’re not the only four-legged friends in their universe!

Will the cats risk making contact with those that were once man’s best friend?

Here’s a look at the cover, the storyline, and preview pages for
this week’s release from AHOY Comics on New Comic Book Day! #NCBD

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New Release for the week of February 5th, 2020


CAPTAIN GINGER – Season Two: ‘Dogworld’ #1

Written by Stuart Moore
Art by June Brigman
Inks by Roy Richardson
Colors by Veronica Gandini
Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft‘s Jimmy Betancourt



Written by Tyrone Finch
Art by Alberto Ponticelli


Written by Kit Josephs
Art by Ryan Kelly

Cover Artist: June Brigman

On Sale: February 5, 2020
SRP: $3.99

The acclaimed saga of cats in space returns for a devastating second series! Captain Ginger and his feline crew embark on a vast, six-issue adventure when they follow a mysterious hyperspace signal to the home of their unknown canine “cousins.” But trouble aboard ship may doom them before they even meet the dogs!

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What people are saying about the voyages and adventures of Captain Ginger:


“A crazy fun concept.”


“The best books usually transport me into a world with which I am largely unfamiliar and reveal its mysteries to me, whether it’s the mean streets of a great urban metroplex, a small village lying somewhere on a distant steppe in central Asia, or a starship full of individualist cats trying to keep it together long enough to survive…these may very well be the characters that June was born to draw and Stuart was born to write!”
― Walter Simonson, from his Introduction to CAPTAIN GINGER Vol 1.

“The fun of this series is just how absurd it is. And with the world being a dumpster fire these days, I’ll take all the absurdity I can get.”


“A fantastic wild ride of space exploration, cat drama, and galactic size imagination.”

“This comic book is INSANE, in the best possible way when one describes something as “insane” ! I can’t say I got too excited when I first heard the concept, ‘Cats in Space’, but Stuart Moore and June Brigman have got it goin’ on! CAPTAIN GINGER rocks! It’s solid sci-fi adventure, beautifully illustrated and electric with wonderful diverse characters, who are CATS (?!)! This ‘puppy’ smells like a sleeper hit (but that could just be the space kitty litter)!”
― Mike Allred

“So wonderfully trippy and science fiction-y it reminds readers what it is about sci-fi that they love. This is the comic to introduce your friend that hasn’t read comics for a while. If they like cats, even better…. a fantastic choice for those looking for something fresh in the comics industry. It could even bring a few lapsed readers back to comics with its uniqueness. There is nothing out there quite like Captain Ginger.”

“Full of mystery.”

“Everything a cat-loving sci-fi fan would love.”

“The Captain and his misbegotten cat crew can count me along for the long haul!”
― Peter Gross

“It’s a sci-fi story first, make no mistakes, but with so many strong characters onboard, I look forward to the catfights, comedy and – wait for it – catastrophes to come too.”

“Entertaining…This intergalactic feline space story is both action-packed and full of humor.”

“A fun and adventurous frolic. You had me at evolved cats in space. Nuff said!”


Publisher – AHOY Comics

AHOY Comics debuted in the fall of 2018 with the bold promise for readers to expect more from its line of comic book magazines, featuring comic book stories, poetry, prose fiction, and cartoons. The independent, Syracuse-based company is the brainchild of Publisher Hart Seely, an award-winning reporter whose humor and satire has appeared in The New York Times and on National Public Radio. AHOY’s Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer is committed to publishing comics with a (dark) sense of humor with titles like the superhero parody THE WRONG EARTH, the religious satire HIGH HEAVEN, the sci fi spoof CAPTAIN GINGER, the time travel tales PLANET OF THE NERDS and BRONZE AGE BOOGIE, HASHTAG: DANGER and the anthology series EDGAR ALLAN POE’S SNIFTER OF TERROR. This summer, the company will publish the highly anticipated SECOND COMING, the satirical comic book series by Mark Russell and Richard Pace in which Jesus Christ resumes His Holy Mission.




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