[Preview] Ram V Discusses His Upcoming Sequel BRIGANDS: RUIN OF THIEVES at Action Lab: Danger Zone

Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1

Game of Thrones meets Ocean’s Eleven with a dash of Joe Abercrombie thrown in.

A Message from writer Ram V

Writer Ram Venkatesan

The sequel to BRIGANDS, RUIN OF THIEVES is a grimdark Sword and Sorcery story with a heist movie plot as our heroes must survive cross and double cross and their own reputations to come out on top.

The book will read and look unlike anything else on the shelves. I’ve established a certain style and sensibility with my work in comics so far, but Sumit’s art and Rosh’s colours are international debuts that people will not want to miss. Fans of the genre will love the story and absolutely everyone will want to get on board to see Sumit’s work!

I want readers to remember not only the kind of fantasy/adventure stories that were around when the genre was at its peak, but also relate to the characters who are written with a hint of modernity. It’s an action-packed adventure full of cut-throats and dark bargains. At the end of you’ll be left surprisingly touched by the characters you’ve met along the way.

I grew up on these kinds of stories. Thieves and scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells coming together to overcome impossible odds and show that they’re human beings underneath. And when I read books today, often I find myself seeking out an old school grimdark fantasy book when I want a comforting read. BRIGANDS and RUIN OF THIEVES come from that childhood place spent in the pages of dusty tomes, fantasizing about magic swords and devilish heroes.

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What people are saying about Brigands:

“The tempo is upbeat and lively and keeps the reader engaged the entire way through.”

“This is an amazing story for anyone who enjoys a fantasy setting with well developed characters.”
(The Comic Hunter)

“You are really getting your money’s worth…”
(Outright Geekery)

“Action and intrigue permeate this tale about people on the run from all kinds of bloodthirsty people.”
(The Broken Infinite)

Writer Rob Williams (SUICIDE SQUAD, UNFOLLOW) calls BRIGANDS, “Sword and sorcery with a refreshingly grounded eye from two of the most promising new creators on the comics scene. Ruin of Thieves carries you along with its confidence.”

Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 – Cover A by Sumit Kumar


Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 – Cover B by Artyom Trakhanov
Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 – Cover C by Anand Radhakrishnan

Ram V

Sumit Kumar (art),
Aditya Bidikar

Cover Artists:
Sumit Kumar (Cover A),
Artyom Trakhanov (Cover B),
Anand Radhakrishnan (Cover C)

Item Codes:
Cover A: MAR181046
Cover B: MAR181047
Cover C: MAR181048
32 pgs./ M / FC $3.99

The Myros Comet passes overhead, setting the night ablaze, a spark to a tinderbox of political forces vying for its power. As the first flames of conflict begin to lick at their heels, our heroes, led by the infamous Stilian “Blackheart” Desault, find themselves on the smuggler’s isle of Rekik. And, for all their efforts at keeping their heads low, trouble seems to have a knack of tightening the noose around their necks.


The first issue will be in a comic book store near you on May 30, 2018! 

Ram Venkatesan





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