[Preview] On Valentine’s Day, Bloodshot Enters the Deadside in Valiant’s BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 by Jeff Lemire & Renato Guedes

Jeff Lemire & Renato Guedes Foretell “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD”
in Valiant’s BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 – Coming in February!

In 2018, Bloodshot is entering the unpredictable spirit realm known as Deadside to strike the ultimate bargain of life and death!

As first revealed at Multiversity Comics, Valiant is proud to announce BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 – the FIRST ISSUE of “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD,” an ALL-NEW ARC and TERRIFYING NEW JUMPING-ON POINT for the BLOCKBUSTER ONGOING SERIES from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Black Hammer) and astonishing artist Renato Guedes (Wolverine)! On February 14th, Jeff Lemire’s Eisner Award-nominated superhero saga kicks off the New Year with an astonishing new beginning as Project Rising Spirit’s walking weapon of war sets forth into the darkness to barter for life with the ruler of the land of the dead…

Bloodshot Salvation #6 – Cover A by Kenneth Rocafort


Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Renato Guedes
Cover A (Standard) by Kenneth Rocafort
Cover B (Deadside) by Renato Guedes
Cover C (Battle Damaged) by John Bivens
Interlocking Variant by David Lafuente
Bloodshot Icon Variant by Jim Mahfood
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale FEBRUARY 14th

Into the Deadside! Years ago, Project Rising Spirit’s cutting-edge nanite technology transformed Ray Garrison into the walking weapon codenamed Bloodshot. Now, those very same microscopic machines have infected his infant daughter’s physiology and threaten to destroy her from the inside out. As the life of an innocent hangs the balance, Bloodshot will be forced to make an unimaginable decision: to watch the child he loves die, or to confront death itself…and strike a bargain for her safety. Now, with the supernatural heroes known as Shadowman and Dr. Mirage to guide him, Bloodshot is about to undertake a unreal journey into the demon-haunted dimension known as the Deadside to save a life…or sacrifice his own…

Plus: Magic and the Bloodshot Squad lead an assault on OMEN for the rescue attempt of a lifetime!


Featuring appearances from Ninjak, Shadowman, Dr. Mirage, Bloodhound, Baron Samedi, and more, a wrenching new chapter for Valiant’s powerful monthly series starts here as New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire leads Bloodshot to the precipice of loss, grief, and retribution in “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD” – featuring fully painted interior art by sensational rising star Renato Guedes (X-O MANOWAR, Wolverine)!

Ray Garrison’s long walk into darkness starts here, only in BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 – featuring covers by Kenneth Rocafort (The Ultimates), Renato Guedes (X-O MANOWAR), John Bivens (Spread), David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man), and Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts)!

But first: All roads lead to revenge on November 15th as master storytellers  Jeff Lemire, Lewis LaRosa, and Mico Suayan barrel forward with the next must-read chapter in Valiant’s punishing crusade of violence, villains, and vengeance in BLOODSHOT SALVATION #3! In the footsteps of X-O MANOWAR and SECRET WEAPONS, the next sold-out series from Valiant’s “ICONS” initiative brings down the hammer this fall as Ray Garrison confronts a deranged zealot connected to his own family’s dark past…even as his wife and daughter find themselves hunted by the brutal powerhouse called Rampage!


Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan

Cover A (Standard) by Kenneth Rocafort (SEP172025)
Cover B (Villains) by Monika Palosz (SEP172026)
Cover C (Battle Damaged) by Jay Anacleto (SEP172027)
Interlocking Variant by Greg Smallwood (SEP172028)
Bloodshot Icon Variant by Neal Adams (SEP172029)

$3.99 | 32 pgs | T+ | VALIANT PREMIUM | On Sale NOVEMBER 15th (Final Order Cutoff – 10/23/17)

Now: When Magic’s estranged family of sadistic cultists come to take her back home, Ray Garrison is forced to succumb to the rage within and protect his family against those who would do them harm. But as Magic’s bizarre relatives reveal their true intentions – including those of the demented leader called “Daddy” – the man once known as Bloodshot will quickly discover that the path to revenge is one filled with dire and deadly consequences…

Soon: Years from today – in a world gone wrong where Bloodshot long ago went M.I.A. – can Magic and Jessie navigate the agents of OMEN that now pursue them across the heartland? And just when their darkest hour arrives, a familiar face is about to appear with a helping hand…and a message from beyond the grave!


All roads lead to revenge! This fall, find out why fans and alike are heralding Jeff Lemire’s Eisner Award-nominated Bloodshot saga as one of the year’s most gripping and memorable comic book epics:

“✮✮✮✮✮… Magnificently upends everything we have come to love…
A visually and narratively experimental take on a classic character that succeeds in both respects.” – 

“✮✮✮✮✮… [BLOODSHOT SALVATION] is a brilliant story that continues a tradition of excellence as only Jeff Lemire can create.
Not to be missed and guaranteed to be enjoyed…” – 

“✮✮✮✮✮… Pure magic… There’s more to fight for, more to live for, more to die for.
And that’s what is sure to make BLOODSHOT SALVATION a real winner.” – 
PopCulture HQ

“✮✮✮✮✮… Grabs the reader on the first page and doesn’t let go.” – Critical Blast

“✮✮✮✮✮… Flawlessly executed on all fronts… From start to finish, it defies belief.” – Comics The Gathering






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