Quick and Easy Halloween Costume: Captain America

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve been giving you some tips for quick and easy costumes. So far we have covered  Despicable Me Minions,  Wolverine with retractable clawsThe Companions of Doctor WhoThe various faces of The Doctor, The Flash, and Waldo and Carmen Sandiego. Now we are going to move on to an iconic, yet simple Superhero.

Captain America

Cap has changed a lot over the years, but the basics have always been the same…Red, white and blue. If you happen to have parts of an old uniform laying around then you can go for a more modern Captain America look, but I suggest you go with a classic look. It is simple and iconic. It is a costume that will definitely be recognized.

This fantastic infographic that I modified (originally by HalloweenCostumes.com) shows you the variations in his costume over the years

Image modified from HalloweenCostume.com

There are a lot of tutorials out there such as this one by Oh, The Things We’ll Make

Courtesy of Oh, The Things We’ll Make

To create a basic costume, you need matching blue pants and shirt, white paint, and red paint. Paint a white star in the middle of the chest,then on the lower third of the shirt paint equidistant vertical red and white stripes. You could even use red and white duct tape to put the stripes on.

The Scrap Shoppe Blog used duct tape to mark off the areas they were painting, and a stencil for the star.

Courtesy of The Scrap Shoppe Blog

If you want to go really quick and easy, then head over to Walmart and grab a T-shirt

Then all you need for a quick finish is a shield. A round shield is much easier than a heater shield.

For a base you can start with a simple round of cardboard that you paint, grab a pizza pan, wrap it in paper and paint it, or (once again) hit the toy section at Walmart.

Dressing as Captain America for Halloween is easy.