Own, Rent or Drool Over These Quaint Hobbit Hole Homes

If you have ever dreamed of ambling through The Shire, talked about having elevenses, or feasted on mushrooms, then I may have found the perfect home or at least a vacation spot for you.

Build Your Own

Green Magic Homes builds you the starter for your Hobbit hole, or at least something you can turn into a classic or modern Hobbit hole. They offer pre-fabricated shells that can be used to build Hobbit-hole style homes.

Wooden Wonders in another manufacturer of hobbit holes, but they have a more classic take on it. Produced by a family in Maine, these are more sheds than homes, but wouldn’t they make a great he or she shed, playhouse or even a rustic guest room?


Rent One

If you just want to ‘borrow’ a wonderful Hobbit home for a while and feel like you’re in The Shire, then you can rent this quaint little hole in Orondo, Washington. This “Tiny House in the Shire” was built by the owner, Kristie Wolf. Everything about this tiny place screams Hobbit!

From the winding pathway to the beautiful view to the stone fireplace, this is a Hobbit getaway. You can rent it for about $200 a night on Airbnb. This charming hole can accommodate two people and includes a small bedroom with a queen size bed, a living area with a fireplace and a bathroom.

Or Just Dream

Here are a few other Hobbit holes I discovered while surfing the Internet.

This 4,000-square-foot hold designed by Arthur Quarmby may not be as cozy as your typical hobbit home, but it is still just as quaint. Located in Northern England, with spectacular views of the Holme Valley, this four-bedroom home has a recreation room with a built-in swimming pool, stone arches and a 20-foot skylight.

Here is a two-story colonial brick house in Clinton, Maryland that is a little more than it looks. The 3,300-square-foot home has three bedrooms, two large bathrooms, and an attached garage, which all seems fairly normal. The reality is that this is an underground house, or in reality a mound house. It was built in 2006 by Formworks Buildings Inc., a designer and builder of eco-friendly, earth-sheltered homes.

The True Shire Home

Then there is the ULTIMATE Hobbit home. Built by Stuart Grant in the 1980’s, this beautifully intricate Hobbit home sits in Tomich, Scotland. If only the photos weren’t fish-eye, then we could have a true perspective, but it still looks adorable.