Rob Liefeld to Pen “The Covenant” for Image Comics – Sneak Preview of Issue #1!

Cover of The Covenant #1
Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld

Image Comics co-founder and comic book creator Rob Liefeld has a new book he created set for a June release.  The Covenant is a new series written by Rob tells a story of the Ark of the Covenant being stolen.  The 47-year old Writer, Penciller, Inker, Editor,  and Publisher has professed he is a Baptist and did struggle in the early stages to put together a story like this, which is central to his religion.  Liefeld found a way to incorporate biblical stories and turn them into an action thriller.  Liefeld appears confident in this new series and has spoken recently about his inspiration for the book:

“Long before the Ark was raided and lost in Raiders of the Lost Ark, it was originally stolen and recovered in the Old Testament. Trade Nazis for Philistines and Indiana Jones for Samuel, the last Judge of Israel, and you have stories with great parallels, except this one is much more primitive and as a result much more violent. The Covenant is a story I’ve been crafting for a several years, I wrote the script for The Covenant in 2012 and gave refined it ever since. Thanks to films like Raiders of The Lost Ark, the Ark of the Covenant is known to a great many people but there is a particular tale in the Old Testament that inspired me. I refer to it as an untold tale of the Old Testament because, as with many bible stories, there is plenty of stuff that is left “untold” or as I call it plenty of “fill-in-the-blank” moments. So I used that as inspiration for an epic showdown between warring cultures and rival gods.”

"Why don't these guys have belts with at least 26 pouches?"
“Why don’t these guys have belts with at least 26 pouches?”

“When I read this passage in Samuel again, the themes really clicked with me. There is so much going on with this story and it is rife with conflicts, and the very best stories are about the struggle to overcome impossible, incredible odds and with Samuel and his plight, I can’t think of a better “I’m-in-way-over-my-head” situation than having your first moments as leader of Israel involve the theft of the Ark of The Covenant. The Ark was the thermo-nuclear weapon of the Bible. It laid waste to rival empires, it leveled Jericho. I go into the minds of the Philistines, their military and especially their High Priest, and get inside the fear and the frustration over these foreign invaders to their lands and this supernatural weapon they utilize to neutralize the Philistines who were superior in every cultural way. History tells us that the Philistines held a military as well as a technological advantage over the Hebrews in that they were master blacksmiths who forged steel. The Israelites would pay Philistine blacksmiths to sharpen their farming tools. it paints a very primitive picture of the Hebrew culture as opposed to the more refined Philistine society. Also, The Philistines were very, very superstitious, they worshipped multiple gods but Dagon was their big bad and the Ark really spooked them. They believed that they could acquire the Ark and use its power to their advantage. So you throw the rise of a young hero and an impossible mission against a powerful empire with a backdrop of these two warring cultures and you get a combustible and potent mix of action, adventure, sorcery, giants, mercenaries and assassins. “

All the great action heroes of The Bible were the Judges of Israel, and Samuel is no different, but his story is not as well known or celebrated as Samson’s, Gideon’s or Joshua,” Liefeld wrote. “As a matter of fact, you won’t find this particular story in the Bible at all. You are reading it for the first time in The Covenant.”

Cover of The Covenant #1
Cover of The Covenant #1

Here is a synopsis for this upcoming action thriller:

THE COVENANT is coming this June from Image Comics. Created and written by Rob Liefeld and illustrated by Matt Horak, The Covenant is a sword and sorcery tale set against a backdrop of Biblical times during a period of unrest in the lands of Canaan. The Philistine army fears no other but is wary of an artifact known as The Ark of The Covenant, an artifact that when “weaponized” has laid waste to entire cities and enemies of the Israelites. Amidst the chaos of battle, a Philistine General boldly steals the Ark and delivers it to the Philistine capitol and the care of the High Priest who seeks to harness the power of the Ark for their serpent god, Dagon.

A young priest, Samuel, assumes the mantle of Judge and gathers a rag-tag band of soldiers and mercenaries to pull off the most deadly raid imaginable and steal back the Ark that was stolen from them. A heist of biblical proportions ensues as Samuel and his men brave fearsome giants, assassins, the armed might of the Philistine army and the sorcery of the High Priest of Dagon in order to rescue the birthright of the chosen people.


We also have an early look at some panels from the premier issue.  Take a look at let us know what you think in the comments.

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