Sad day in the world of comic books as legendary Herb Trimpe passes away #RIPHerbTrimpe

Herb Trimpe RIP
Herb Trimpe RIP



Today the comic book world collectively mourns the passing of a true legend in the industry. Comic book artist Herb Trimpe. Trimpe who passes away at age 75 Monday as reported by Glen Baisley cousin to the legendary artist. In a touching tribute post to his cousin Glen had this to report

“Little did I know, this would be the final time I would get to see him. I wanted to share some very sad news with everyone. Monday night, Herb passed away.”


Trimpe who has worked in comic books since as far as I can remember has been in the business for over 45 years. A legend in the industry Herb drew iconic comic issues and covers that have stood the test of time. Most noted for his huge successful run on the Incredible Hulk in the 70’s, Herb was there when the first appearance of the mega popular Wolverine jumped on the scene. With Incredible Hulk #180 he introduced the look of Marvels most popular mutant. But the collectors most sought after grail of Incredible Hulk #181 has earned diamond type numbers in auctions.

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Trimpe was also responsible for another one of my first comic book entries the G.I. Joe comic books done with fellow legendary scribe Larry Hama. Along with spinoff G.I. Joe Special Missions Herbe’s Marvel work dates back to Silver Age westerns like The Rawhide Kid, and stints on Godzilla, The Defenders, Iron Man and Marvel Team-Up. With Chris Claremont he co-created both Captain Britain and the character’s sister, X-Men mainstay Psylocke. latter part of his career, with recent credits including a “B.P.R.D.” story for Dark Horse Comics, and “Dinosaurs Attack” for IDW Publishing.

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“To me, no artist is as synonymous with the Incredible Hulk as Herb Trimpe, who gave the Jade Giant a sense of pathos and scale that set the bar for every artist that followed him. Like a Hulk-punch, Trimpe’s art truly exploded off the page. Comics lost a giant.” – Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said.

I will be updating this blog with tributes and quotes from all fellow comic book peers and fans a like. This is truly a very sad day for me as a long time fan of Mr. Trimpe’s work. The gentle giant of comics will be very missed by all RIP Herb Trimpe.

Tributes from the greats to a legend Herb Trimpe –

 “Goodbye, Herb Trimpe- I know there’s fair skies and a good tailwind up there.” – Larry Hama

“So sorry to see this today. I’m glad Herb became active on the convention circuit the last several years so that so many of his fans (including me) got to meet and spend some time with him. I just saw him (and shared a ride one morning to the Convention Center with him) in Phoenix in February. Rest in peace Herb.” – Steve Epting

“It is with heavy heart that I mourn the loss of the great Herb Trimpe. A childhood idol of mine, it was an absolute thrill and pleasure to meet the wonderful Mr. Trimpe the last few years. As a kid his prolific work entertained me across a wide platform of books, most notably and famously, his legendary run on the HULK, carried me to far away places and entertained me for hours. In February I brought him a stack of comics to sign, Shogun Warriors, Godzilla, Star Wars, Defenders, GI Joe and countless others. He was so friendly and kind, I shared hours with him at dinner and seated next to him at several conventions on the circuit. He was a beautiful man with a kind, tender spirit. I am so glad I was able to know him and correspond with him. His work will last forever and inspire countless others! Long live Herb Trimpe, a legend in every sense of the word!!” – Rob LIefeld 

 “My teen years as a comics fan were filled with wonder by the Herb Trimpe version of Ol’ Greenskin! It was my pleasure to have known Herb personally after I became a professional. Herb will be sorely missed!” – Rich Buckler

“Something uplifting…..a good friend who was an avid collector of Herbs work just told me he asked Trimpe while he was signing one of his many copies of Incredible Hulk #181 how many copies herb had signed and Herb said “More than we printed!” Lol thought that was hilarious” – Buz Hasson

“Yesterday, we lost a comic book legend, Herb Trimpe. Thanks for all the amazing work over the years, we salute you!” –  IDW Publishing

“Wow, very sad news to wake up to. R.I.P. Herb.” – Marc Silvestri

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Trimpe’s family has asked for donations to be made to the Hero Initiative, which provides financial support to comics creators in need, or the Kerhonkson Accord First Aid Squad.



Mr. Herb Trimpe the 45 year veteran of comic books most known for drawing the popular Wolverine first appearance, has passed away at age 75 as first reported by a family member.


Trimpe is survived by his wife, Patricia, and four children.

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