See All of Marvel’s Variant Cosplay Covers Coming This Fall!


While I find it a great thing that Marvel Comics is going to the extraordinary lengths to finally endorse cosplayers by spotlighting them on their very own covers for a variant theme this fall. I sort of feel that the use of professionally tailored sets and models used were a let down to the community as a whole. As a cosplayer advocate for years, I fell in love with the convention-floor convention-cosplayers who work diligently on their fantastic costumes along with spontaneous cosplay picture for fun. I’m not begrudging or ‘hating’ on the cosplayers used for the Marvel cosplay variant covers, but I would have enjoyed a less “staged’ look. That’s just my opinion, either way here’s the full variant cover gallery.

Cosplay fans will see some familiar faces among the cosplayers, including Birds of Play’s Amanda Lynne Shafer, cosplay legend Yaya Han, and Marvel’s own in-house cosplay blogger Judy Stephens as Captain Marvel. Eddie Newsome’s Captain America cosplay for the cover of Sam Wilson, Captain America #1, by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuña. Hurley Fx brings the lovable Guardian of the Galaxy to life for the cover of Rocket Raccoon & Groot #1,

Check out all the covers below:


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