Selena to Tour in 2018?

selena1Sometimes they come back. When a legendary artist dies tragically there are always rumors about their death being faked. The rumor that they wanted out of the limelight and were really still living in some remote area always seems to surround them. Stories have surfaced for years about Elvis sightings; he even has a whole society dedicated to his sightings. A lot of people don’t believe he died.

In some cases the fans do believe that the artist died, but they wish it wasn’t so. selena2

Legendary Tejana singer Selena Quintanilla was just becoming a recognized name in music when she was tragically shot and killed by Yolanda Salvidar, the president of her fan club.

Twenty years after her death Selena is making a comeback and no, she’s not a zombie. Thanks to Acrovirt and UC San Diego Selena may soon be performing again, with fan help. Selena The One isn’t a hologram, it’s a step beyond holograms and a move into the realm of Star Trek.


Selena The One media representative Abelardo Rodriguez says, “A hologram is an image projection of something recorded. An Acrovirt is a voice, a body and predictive mind that will allow the artist to sing her old songs and new songs.”

According to Selena’s official Facebook page the goal is to create “a walking, talking, singing, and dancing digital embodiment of the iconic singer.”

They even have plans for the digital hologram of Selena to go on tour in 2018, if they reach their fund raising goal of $500,000. If you want to contribute to ‘Selena The One’ then check out their Indiegogo page.

Understandably fan reaction is very mixed. There are those think it is a very cool tribute, others find it very creepy. What do you think?