Should Lucy Davis Return as Etta Candy in Wonder Woman 2?

Lucy Davis IS Etta Candy

Lucy Davis

In the comics, Etta Candy is a bad-ass.

She is a spirited young woman who defies societal norms to become a fiercely independent, self-assured woman. In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s this was pretty common, but in the 40’s women were expected to get married, raise children, and keep house (even the educated ones).


Etta was a vibrant and curvaceous woman who didn’t care what others thought. While Wonder Woman was tall and muscular, Etta was short and fat; the exact opposite of her best friend. She refused to conform to societies norms and was proud of it. She frequently joked about her weight and her preference for candy over men.  Etta Candy broke the mold as she played plucky sidekick to Wonder Woman and best friend and adviser to her alter ego Diana Prince. Etta went on several adventures with Wonder Woman and frequently helped the Amazon princess escape tight situations.

Lucy Davis was an excellent choice for this stellar character. Ms. Davis is funny, strong, and a good versatile actress with a bubbly personality that matches Etta to ‘T’.

She was a hero in her own right. Which is why I was disappointed in her portrayal in the Wonder Woman movie. I’m not saying her role was bad, I just expected more to it. I was looking forward to Etta teaching Diana how to interact in a ‘modern’ world and kicking some ass at Wonder Woman’s side. Unfortunately, we didn’t see that in the movie. There wasn’t enough of Etta.

We did see a smart, strong, funny and independent woman of the time. We also had hints of her backbone.


Unfortunately, we don’t really see her kick ass until the video release in an ‘hint’ of a mission she goes on:

Personally, I want to see more of Etta Candy in Wonder Woman 2.  As the new movie is hinted to be in the 80’s, that would make Etta pretty old, BUT having Etta at Diana/Wonder Woman’s side is not impossible.

The original Etta grew up on a ranch in Brazos County, Texas.  It wouldn’t be hard to have Lucy Davis return as a new generation Etta. What if after a few missions, Etta followed Diana to the U.S. where she meets someone and settles down in Texas to raise a family?

Two generations later they have a daughter they name Etta who grew up listening to tales of ‘Wonder Woman.’ Maybe while attending college (Holiday College?) she starts getting interested in the political climate or maybe joins the military? From there it wouldn’t be hard for her to hear word of Wonder Woman and worm her way in.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see more Etta Candy, and I want Lucy Davis to return in the new movie.