South Park to be Extended ‘Til 2019!


Will South Park Ever End?! Not in Kenny’s lifetime.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone: The two men who have written, directed and edited every episode of the show – a job they’ve had since  the unknown show first starred way back 1997. Flash forward to 2015 and the comedy duo who also made the movie “BASEketball” and a hit play “The Book of Mormon”  have now signed a brand spanking new contract with Comedy Central. One that renews for three more seasons of 30 more episodes of pure Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Stan explicit mayhem goodness. Parker and Stone will continue now with the next FIVE seasons at $110 million earmarked for the creative team over the next five-year period. That’s going to buy Cartman a whole lot of Cheezy-Poofs!!

cheesy poofs

At the end of the contract, Parker and Stone will have made an impressive 23 Seasons and total of 304 episodes.

“This is now particularly satisfying,” said Stone in a recent discussion. “It comes full circle since the tech guys came to Hollywood and said you better give us your stuff for free to put online or else it will be taken from you anyway.”


It’s such a good day for the boys in the land of South Park! Not only do they get an extension on their contracts for more seasons and episodes, but a completely separate deal was hashed that also extends South Park Digital Studios’ deal with Hulu! This new deal will cover streaming rights for all the future new episodes from the CC deal. According to sources, the streaming service will pay Viacom and the show’s creative team $192 million over five years

“Digital now represents not only a real audience, real money, real competition and a real marketplace, but there’s finally an understanding that the business is going to have to rely on the talent community and the franchises that it has built and not on algorithms,” said Stone.

“You can’t have shows like ours without someone like Doug Herzog who knows how to bet on talent and deal with talent,” he continued. “That’s not what you get from the technology business. Frankly, in the past I haven’t much liked dealing with the people from Silicon Valley. I don’t like our stuff being talked about as content. Spoons are metal and guns are metal, but they’re not the same thing. We don’t make content. We make television. And that’s now what digital understands it has to pay for.”

Somewhere out there I can here Cartman saying “You better respect my authoritah!!”





Source) EW, Hollywood Reporter

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