Springfield, Illinois Invaded by Cobra

As if Illinois didn’t have enough problems with corruption, now they are handing the keys of its capital city, Springfield, over to Cobra Commander?

Believe it or not it really happened, on March 12th, Springfield’s Mayor J. Michael Houston presented Cobra Commander, the leader of the terrorist organization known as Cobra, with the keys to the city. And without a fight!

Why would a city open their arms and welcome such an evil personage into their midst? Well, if you really think of it he might not be all that bad, after all, at least we know what he has done and is capable of, unlike some of the others currently in positions of power. Better the Devil you know than the one you don’t?

No, it’s because the city of Springfield is a popular battleground in the G.I. Joe Comic Books.

I do have to admit that at least his acceptance speech was better than some of the others I have heard, “Springfielders near and far, I accept your Mayor’s generous gift. And let it be known that I too bring a gift for every man, woman and child of this city that is so near and dear to my heart; an invitation to join with me. Join Cobra!”

The good news for the beleaguered city is that they won’t have to suffer under Cobra rule for long. Hope is coming next month when a leagues of Joes (and Cobras) descend upon the Prairie Capital Convention Center for the official G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention aka G.I. JoeCon from April 9th through 12th.

The whole weekend will be all about G.I. Joe with everything a Joe fan would need. They will have autograph sessions with your favorite voice actors, panel with Hasbro, the official G.I. Joe Collectors Club and even a G.I. Joe Parachute drop.

It’s only one weekend, so get your tickets now.

And hopefully when the Joes go, they take Cobra with them.

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