Staggering Video Game Flops And Failures Of 2017

Video Game Flops

Video Game Flops Of 2017

The video game market is a tough one, and some games just don’t make the splash the makers hoped for. Of course, sometimes it’s due to the game being a little undercooked or not living up to expectations. But other times it’s simply because the video game market is so crowded, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hold gamer’s attention.

Either way, there are going to be tech and video game flops. These are some of the biggest flops of 2017, if the game deserved it or not. Hey, it’s never too late to check out an overlooked gem in a crowded market.


Lawbreakers is perhaps the worst off on this list. It is, as it happens, a pretty good game. The premise of the game is not unique by any means, being a character-based multiplayer shooter. But the delivery of the game is great, giving players not only an excellent shooter experience, but adding the interesting elements of zero gravity and the ability to maneuver in zero gravity environments.

So why did Lawbreakers flop to such a staggering degree? Well, because it released amongst stiff competition. The character-based multiplayer shooter genre is saturated to say the least, and Lawbreakers simply struggled to get noticed, and was almost entirely ignored. A real shame.

Agents Of Mayhem

Volition released Agents of Mayhem in 2017. Not a bad game, but a rather bland game, especially coming from a studio known for the often outrageous Saints Row series. Where Saints Row allowed players to beat enemies to death with sex toys, Agents of Mayhem was a great deal tamer and offered no such silly fun. In other words; Agents of Mayhem landed with a resounding shrug from gamers.

The game was forgotten almost immediately upon release, leaving Volition red-faced and the Saints Row series with an uncertain future.

Marvel Versus Capcom Infinite

Another game that failed to impress and fell short of offering any sort of the excitement that the slots NZ offers was Marvel Versus Capcom Infinite. Capcom are often thought of as the kings of the fighting game genre, given their legendary Street Fighter series. But with Injustice 2 releasing in the same year, and excellent fighting game packed with recognizable characters and content, Marvel Versus Capcom Infinite seemed limp by comparison.

With a scattered and confused story mode, peculiar looking character models, and a mishmash of characters that clearly did not belong in the same universe, the game received a lukewarm reception and was largely forgotten.

Troll And I

The other games on this list may not have deserved the reception they got, but this game certainly did. It is simply a bad game with bad gameplay and shoddy design. It seems that the makers had some intention of creating something decent, but failed to deliver in every category.

Not even deserving to be checked out for potential laughs at how bad it is, Troll and I was almost entirely overlooked. It’s a shame given that a developer clearly tried the best they could, but still no reason to give attention to a product so dismal.