Stars Want Equal Pay to Join Fuller House Cast, but Have the Olsen Twins been Dissed?

full house

We recently reported that the Sitcom Full House is getting a sequel series on Netflix called Fuller House. The series will focus on the next generation, specifically the eldest daughter D.J. and the middle sister, Stephanie, along with her best friend Kimmy as they all move in together and raise their children.

We know that John Stamos is returning as Uncle Jesse, because he is the producer, however, none of the other actors have been confirmed as returning.

Courtesy of iDominick
Courtesy of iDominick

Actress Lori Loughlin has stated that she is in talks to join the new series, but apparently she will only return if Netflix uses ‘favored nations’ rules.lori loughlin

‘Favored nations’ means that everyone ends up with the same pay. If someone comes back for ‘X’ amount, then someone else signs on for ‘Y’ amount that means everyone gets the higher rate of pay.

According to Lori, everyone wants come back, but it’s up to them. According to her, she thinks everyone will come back if the pay is fair to all. How that works with lead actors vs. guest actors wasn’t defined.

In the interview with access with Access Hollywood she lets us know who she thinks is in and who is still negotiating, “ I believe they just closed John’s deal. I know I don’t have a deal, Dave doesn’t have a deal, Bob—we’re all in negotiations.”

There hasn’t been mention of the Olsen twins, but if they did sign on, then how would they manage the part as they now look nothing alike.

According to an article by Entertainment Weekly the twins didn’t even know about it, so I’m guessing that they weren’t asked.

photo courtesy of David Shankbone
photo courtesy of David Shankbone