The Best of What’s Streaming on Netflix for Kids. #Netflix #NetflixForKids

Finding the best content to suit your tastes on Netflix is always a longer process than you want it to be. I have organized the best of Netflix for kids based on their interests. Here’s the breakdown:

For the young feminist: 

harrietmulan powerpuffgirls

Harriet the Spy, Mulan, and Powerpuff Girls

For the curious, science-lovin’ kid:

discoverplanetocean jimmyneutron sidscience

Discover Planet Ocean, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and Sid the Science Kid

For the animal lover:

antz brotherbear chickenrun natureanimaloddcouples

Antz, Brother Bear, Chicken Run, and Nature: Animal Odd Couples

For the gamer:

pokemon supermariobros

There are several Pokemon movies to choose from but the Indigo League is a series for them to enjoy, along with The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

For the kid who loves mysteries and spies:

hardyboysnancydrew Spy_kids

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries and Spy Kids. Spy Kids has several films on Netflix right now. If they love the first one, have them try the others. This is a favorite of my nephew’s and he’s seen all of the movies several times now.

For the Book Lovin’ Kid:

clifford gruffalountitled

Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Gruffalo, and for older kids, James and the Giant Peach.

For the kid who loves horror & suspense: 

hauntinghour goosebumps-title

These can be for the book-lovin’ kid too. R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour (series), and Goosebumps (series).

For the kid who loves superheroes:


Netflix is haven for the Power Rangers. There is a ton of content on them so I hope they dig it!

For family time:

dumbo hook runawayralph

And if you just need a wholesome movie try Dumbo, Hook, or one of my favorites, Runaway Ralph. Happy Netflixing!

Editors Note: By MannysPlace23

I just wanted to add my personal faves to the list that our amazing writer Amanda has provided and written for us here. My taste is a bit more comic bookish, so let us ASSEMBLE the best list of comic book superhero action on Netflix for kids!

ultimate spider-man
ultimate spider-man

Ultimate Spider-Man is really for the young kids not teen and up ages. Though I readily admit that the child in me absolutely loves Ultimate Spider-Man for the fun half hour ride that it is. Watching this series since the first season with my own kids has been a blast and a learning tool for me to teach my kids about all the great Marvel comic book characters that appear in this show. Even for a young child the story-lines never get too out of hand with any adult type humor and there is so much to love about this show. Older purest of comic book lore will either hate it or love it but this cartoon was not made for them to enjoy. It’s for the kid in me to enjoy!!

Hulk and the Agents of SMASH
Hulk and the Agents of SMASH

Hulk and the Agents of SMASH! Another great kids show just like Ultimate Spider-Man and also from the Disney X D Marvel lineup. Again not for the older audience but still can be a lot of fun to enjoy with your young child if you watch it together. One thing that really stands out to me in both series of Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk Agents of SMASH is all the Marvel lore and history that can be learned from these cartoons. I think I have learned more in these shows with guest appearances of Guardians of the Galaxy, Ego, The Evolutionary and much much more in both series. for me (mannysplace23) I highly recommend all these Disney X D animated shows.


Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes The last of the Disney X D shows on my list is the grandest of them all. With more seasons to watch in this series than Spider-man and Hulk there is way more to enjoy here in Avengers. The first few episodes on Netflix are just single Avenger character intros than they get into the team building storyline. The first season is a lot more child oriented than the later seasons but if you stick it our there are some great Avengers tales to be seen here. Kids absolutely love the series and this was before Disney decided to change the Earths Mightiest Heroes to the newer updated Avengers Assemble X D cartoon.

Hulk Vs
Hulk Vs

This series is for teen and up!

Upfront you must know this is TWO movies in one! There is Hulk vs. Thor and then there is Hulk vs. Wolverine. Both movies are good but I hands down give the nod for best movie to Wolverine. With the addition to Deadpool in the second Wolverine vs. movie and the whole Weapon X storyline intertwined with a Hulk battle makes this one of the best Marvel animated movies yet! I will warn this animated movie is for the older kids so parental discretion is fully advised.

That’s it folks…..go enjoy some Netflix kids time!!