The Big Bang Theory: Wil Wheaton (Trekkie) Trolls Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Don’t worry folks, we don’t even talk about anything that is in the new movie at all in this article.

On the sacred day that all Star Wars geeks have been dying of anticipation of the newest film’s release, the crew of The Big Bang Theory also decided to have a bit of SW fun. As the show’s opening credits began just as the iconic Star Wars films with the golden lettering scrolling into a distant point in the galaxy, it tells of the gang’s mission to get opening night SW tickets. When the crew of Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj finally do get tickets for the massive event, Sheldon begins to rethink going to the movie so he can make coitus with Amy for her birthday. This leaves the remaining men in a conundrum of who to invite to the opening night showing. That’s when they decide that Wil Wheaton from Stand by Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation fame would get the final spot to go with them.


Little did the supposed geniuses realize what they had gotten themselves into.

When the crowd in the theater begins to BOO loudly, the three men turn around and to their HORROR, there stands Wil Wheaton in a full Star Trek cosplay outfit. The smug Trekkie strolls to his seat and while he begins to get heckled by the crowd, he replies back with.. “Live long and SUCK IT!!”

A true hilariously classic Trekkie troll move by Wheaton, who tells the guys he has to support his home team (Star Trek). But in all honesty he’s only doing it to piss off the Star Wars fans who take it too seriously.


Well played Wheaton, well played.

On a side note, Shamy got it on!! Sheldon gave it good to Amy and they both loved the experience….it just seems the guys back at the movies had exactly the same kind of after-sex reaction to watching The Force Awakens. Just priceless!!



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