The Brothers Grimm are Coming to TV


It may not have been a box office smash, but I enjoyed The Brothers Grimm and apparently others did too because they are trying to make it into a TV series.

Frequently a TV series loses its roots when it is translated to TV, but in this case it appears to be bringing some of its roots with it. The original screenwriter Ehren Kuger will be writing and co-executive producing which means that we should get the same feel in the TV show that we had in the film.

According to the Miramax VP of Film and TV, Daniel Bobker, they contacted Kuger to test his interest and he already had a full series pitch ready to toss out there. Apparently they loved it and bought the idea.

brothers grimm1The TV series will focus on the Grimm brothers Wilhelm and Jacob as they continue on their adventures across 19th century Europe. According to Kruger, “The original stories the Brothers set out to collect were not for the faint of heart and we’ll be making a show that gets back to those origins and their cautionary, scary, thrilling spirit.”

That sounds like a great story base to me, I’ve always been a fan of the original Grimms tales. This sounds to me like it will be a little bit like Once Upon a Time only with a darker more medieval twist, however I can also see it turning into a Hercules or Xena type show as well, not that either are bad, I’d just like to see the darker element come out.


During research for this article I did find a few interesting tidbits:

It seems that Kruger was not the only writer, however he was the only one credited. It seems that Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni had a hand in the rewrite.

There were apparently several augments between Gilliam and the Weinsteins during post production over the final cut, pushing the initial release back over a year.

The film had a budget of $88 million and only made $37 million; it did break even thanks to International numbers.

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