The Empire Strikes Back – Chewbacca a Political Tragedy in Ukraine


Ukraine has had its share of troubles recently but has topped them all with arresting Chewbacca on the day of elections in Odessa! The beloved co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon was arrested Sunday by Ukrainian police while driving political candidate “Darth Vader” to a voting station.

Sadly, this was considered a violation of the city’s electoral laws which forbid campaigning on the day of elections. He was arrested for not having a driver’s license and “malignant resistance to lawful requirements of a police officer.” [See video on The Ridiculist]

How This All Got Started: the Internet Party of Ukraine has been adding Star Wars characters to the electoral ballots for two years now after starting in 2008. In 2014, their proposed presidential candidate named “Darth Vader” was rejected because his identity could not be verified. Other previous candidates were listed as “Princess Amidala” and “Yoda” but failed to get the necessary votes to clear the 5% election threshold. Again, in May 2015, “Darth Vader” was listed as a mayoral candidate not only for the capital of Kiev but also for the coastal city of Odessa on the same day.  [Obviously the Sith Lord is determined.]

Coupled with the recently re-imagined statue of Darth Vader in Odessa, it seems the Force is moving in Ukraine – but which side?

Chewie in court

Back to Chewie:
For his crimes, the hirsute first officer of the Millennium Falcon was fined 170 hryvnia, roughly $7.50 USD.

According to RT, he refused to pay the minor fine, saying “his funds are [in] an intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet.”

He has since been released.

Clearly, with real rebels in the east and Star Wars characters vying for election in the west, Ukraine has become a Pop Culture Event all its own! Only time will tell if there will be a final “Return of the Jedi” chapter to this saga in the Ukraine.

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