The Mystery Coke Machine of Seattle

mcm1Many local residents of Seattle are familiar with the Mystery Soda Machine. An aging landmark that sits on the corner of John St. and 10th Avenue. It has been there for at least 25 years and no one knows who stocks it. All we do know about this mystery machine is that the Broadway Locksmith, who is located just up from the machine, has been cleaning up around it for years.

At one point there was only one Mystery button

For just 75 cents you can get a soda; which soda you get is a complete mystery. There is no pattern to the sodas that the machine delivers and rarely do two people get the same thing. At one point there was only one mystery button, but over the years more became a mystery and now it all a game of Russian Roulette when it comes to your soda. But for only 75 cents, who’s going to complain?

Over time the regular soda buttons were replaced by new mystery buttons

There are some claims that the machine is haunted… after all how else could it magically refill itself? Many of the residents claim to have never seen anyone refill it and no one knows who collects the money. The interesting thing is even though the machine is over twenty years old, there is an QR code that links to his Facebook page. Neither the code of Facebook are that old.

Over the years the Mystery Soda Machine has received much abuse and much publicity in equal shares, yet it continues standing vigil and apparently getting the occasional overhaul or cleanup. Just the other day the poor ancient machine suffered the hands of taggers, yet marks will also vanish just as other makes of vandalism have vanished.

Defaced, yet still standing proud

Next time you are in Seattle, make a side trip over to Capitol Hill and visit the MCM for yourself, or if you can’t make it to Seattle, then there is a Facebook page just for the machine.