The Next Mad Max Title is Revealed. #MadMax

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… if you haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road, then do so. For me, this IS the best movie of the year and the fact that Tom Hardy has already signed on for three more movies has me thrilled. His powerful portrayal of Max Rockantansky, the silent hero that does what he has to, is perfect.

Director George Miller has been talking to Press and in a recent podcast with Jeff Goldsmith he revealed that they already have a name for the sequel, Mad Max: The Wasteland. A perfect name for a post apocalyptic film.

Unfortunately the movie isn’t quite making the numbers it needs to guarantee that the sequels will be made. Due to various events, including a shooting location being flooded and destroyed, the movie went over budget and in theaters it is currently being edged out by the girly flick Pitch Perfect 2. Something I hadn’t even heard of until it pushed my beloved movie out of top spot.

So let’s get out there and start throwing money at this movie like it truly deserves. We need (or at least I do) another voyage down the road of post-apocalyptic perdition with Max Rockantansky.

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