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Minority Report opens with an interesting and short description of what you need to know. It starts with an opening narration by Dash who talks about his siblings and how they gained their precognitive powers. It also mentions the fall of the Pre-Crime Program, which is a slight movie reference and then he explains what happened to them after the movie. The three were moved to undisclosed location to live normal lives.

The fact the show picks up from where the movie leaves off is interesting. However, as a continuation it makes one wonder since there has been so many years between the movie and this pilot launch for a TV series why not just start over from the beginning?

The pilot is pretty lackluster as far as story and acting goes. The story centers around Dash (Stark Sands) who, unlike his sister, Agatha (Laura Regan), only has a portion of the precognitive ability while his twin-brother, Arthur, has the other half. Dash gets the visions while Arthur gets the names. All Dash wants to do is get to a murder in time to save someone. He keeps a book full of sketches of his visions and what he dreams. Which is his whole motivation in this series. This is where Dash comes to cross paths with a Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good) who wants to help him stop these murders before they happen.

(clockwise l.-r from top.) Stark Sands, Meagan Good, Laura Regan, Daniel London, and Li Jun Li of Minority Report
(clockwise l.-r from top.) Stark Sands, Meagan Good, Laura Regan, Daniel London, and Li Jun Li of Minority Report

The acting is rather mundane, albeit this is just a pilot but pilots are suppose to be amazing as one is selling the series as a whole with the pilot. There is suppose to be a dynamic between Dash and Detective Vega but it comes across more forced and doesn’t seem natural. It is obvious Dash will learn what it is to be human and live a normal life through his friendship with this woman. The pilot does leave an interesting cliffhanger of sorts with Dash’s brother, Arthur, begging for help. Enough for this writer to at least check out the second episode.

Although the one good thing about Minority Report may well be the series’ downfall. What Minority Report does is it captures the feel of the movie with very well done special effects for television. This also may be the show’s undoing. To maintain this feel cannot be cheap and one can see this show costing more then it would be bringing it. However, if done right, it could become the CSI of the future. From the eye implants which allow someone to re-enact the events of a scene of the crime to the three-dimensional interactive monitors as seen in the movie which are replicated just the same if not better here. Minority Report has the makings of a great futuristic detective series.

Although this author is without precognitive powers, he wishes he could glimpse into the future to see what does become of this new television series.

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