The Terminator is Back in a New Extended Trailer


There is a new extended trailer for Terminator:Genisys and it gives you a much better look at the new Sarah Connor played by Emilia Clarke. We also get to see J.K. Simmons as Detective O’Brien which leads me to believe that he may have a fairly significant role in this movie.

This latest edition to the series really messes with the whole time paradox thing, so don’t even try to puzzle that part out. Terminator:Genisys is a mash of time lines that have been changed by all sides sending back terminators to take out Sarah and/or her son, John.

terminator1The basic premise is that Kyle Reese, played by Jai Courtney, has been sent back to rescue Sarah only to find out that she already knows everything that has been going on and has pretty much been raised by an aging terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and somehow they are all going to work together to prevent Judgment Day….again..


Of course, a lot of what we are shown is footage is already seen but there is enough extra added in to whet our appetite for the movie which opens on July 1st and if you ignore the paradoxes and don’t try to puzzle it out, then it might be a pretty good movie.